Elon Musk confirms the launch of a new Twitter Blue

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Through his Twitter account, Elon Musk, the new owner of this social network, has announced that the new launch of Twitter Blue will take place on November 29, the payment method of the platform that has various exclusive options and whose operation had been interrupted due to failures in the operation of the account verification system.

Twitter will check premium accounts that change their names before assigning verification

In exchange of a monthly price of $7.99 Musk says that they have ensured that the account verification system works robustly this time, thus avoiding problems like the ones that forced his recent temporary suspension.

By allowing the inclusion of the long-awaited verification mark, the famous blue check, to any user who paid the eight dollars for the Twitter Blue subscription, identity theft was given. Something that happened through some accounts that were confused with the legitimate accounts of the real users.

These impersonations generated several problems, one of which led to the pharmaceutical company Eli Lily suffering millions in losses after registering a user with a very similar name who announced that he would start distributing insulin for free. In response to this chaos, large companies such as Audi, General Motors or Volkswagen have announced that they suspended their advertising campaigns on the platform.

With the relaunch of Twitter Blue, it is stated by Musk that the verification emblem will be lost in cases in which the user changes their name until Twitter itself verifies the identitythus trying to avoid more cases such as those that have occurred of identity theft.

The controversy occurs at a delicate moment for Twitter, a platform that has just passed into the hands of Musk, who debuted in the direction of it with controversial measures such as mass layoffs or giving employees an ultimatum to work two days by piece rate. a week.

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