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Elgato Wave DX: Premium Sound for Content Creators

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The offer of microphones for streamers, youtubers and other content creators has grown exponentially over the last few years, hand in hand with the proliferation and professionalization of these activities and the professionals who carry them out. Elgato Wave DX is the latest example of this.a premium XLR microphone but with a more than affordable price for a device in its category, and thanks to its design it adapts to a multitude of uses.

Elgato Wave DX is a microphone dynamic vocal analog with XLR connection (works with any XLR preamplifier), unidirectional (cardioid polar pattern), with a frequency range between 50 and 15,000 hertz and a sensitivity of 2.5 mV/Pa, -52 dbV/Pa. its cardioid pickup, combined with its pop filter and tempered steel chassis and perforated grille, provide very clear pickup of sound from the front and sides while minimizing background noise from the rear, pick up bass realistic and highly detailed treble, reduce clicks and hisses caused by plosive sounds of speech, and also eliminate noise reflections, while protecting the capsule.

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Elgato Wave DX: Premium Sound for Content Creators

In order to power this Elgato Wave DX in any circumstance, requires use with an XLR audio interface and, for its assembly, it requires a microphone stand, articulated arm or similar. In both aspects it is fully compatible with most of the proposals on the market, although to get the most out of it, CORSAIR’s recommendation is to use it, in conjunction, with the Elgato Wave XLR interface and mount it on the Elgato Wave Mic Arm/Mic stand. Arm LP, which will allow us to adapt it to practically any type of use.

«Following the groundbreaking launch of Wave:3, we set out to create a high-end yet affordable dynamic microphone that sounds amazing.said Julian Fest, executive vice president and general manager of Elgato. «Being an analog microphone, Wave DX fits into any XLR rig. But when connected to the Elgato Wave XLR interface, you can enjoy a complete streaming rig powered by Wave Link mixing software, VST audio effects and Stream Deck control, allowing you to bring all your streaming gear together or podcasting. It is this intercompatibility that makes the Elgato ecosystem so powerful, and we are excited to expand our audio portfolio with Wave DX.«.

The Elgato Wave DX microphone is already on sale on the manufacturer’s website, and its price is 119.99 euros.

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