Elevator Saga, a game where you will have to program elevators using JavaScript


JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​today, being mainly intended for the development of client-side projects, such as programming functions in the user interface and dynamic web pages.

Likewise, the use of JavaScript in applications external to a website is notable, such as in PDF documents or office files.

However, this programming language can also be used for game development. One of them is Elevator Saga, which refers to a particular game where the person has as objective program the elevators of a building using JavaScript.

In this sense, you will be able to observe the numbering present on each of the floors, as well as the elevators, accompanied by their indicators and finally the people who arrive at random to go to other floors.

It is worth mentioning that the development of Elevator Saga was in charge of Magnus Wolffelt together with other people, making their source code available on GitHub.

And although this game is no longer actively in development, it is possible to have access to a GitHub page with the solutions of the different challenges, which you can have the opportunity to consult and test.

As commented in microsiervos, there is extensive documentation in which you can consult all the functions available to carry out the programming of the elevators, these being the following:

  • Calculate the number of maximum passengers
  • stop elevator
  • Estimate load factor (passenger/maximum weight)
  • go to a plant
  • Get the floor number
  • Get/Modify Up/Down Status
  • See which floor numbers have been pressed

Regarding the figures present in the game they behave in the same way that people in real life would do in this situation, that is, calling the elevator, indicating whether they wish to go up or down to a specific floor, pressing the number of the floor they wish to go to while inside the elevator and leaving it when they arrive.

In total they are 19 levels that you will have to overcome in Elevator Saga, and in each of them you will initially be presented with the objective to achieve.

It is worth mentioning that this game requires a certain level of concentration and a lot of patience so as not to end up frustrated trying ideas.

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