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Electronic Arts suffered theft of the source code of some games

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electronic Arts, also known by the abbreviation EA, reported yesterday that they were victims of a cyber attack in which they suffered the theft of the source code of some of their titles, plus other internal software tools.

This situation, in addition to having a commercial impact on the company’s operations, could also have an impact on players.

Source code and developer tools, loot stolen from EA

This company, specialized in the development of video games for various platforms, has to its credit titles such as The Sims, the FIFA franchise, Battlefield, Apex Legends and others, accumulated in its catalog of almost four decades of activity.

The attack this past Thursday was reported by Vice, noting in its statement that the attackers had seized the FIFA 21 source code and the Frostbite engine, used in the development of several Electronic Arts games released in recent years.

That report also noted that the hackers had publicly boasted by posting evidence of the attack on clandestine Internet forums, verbatim commenting that “Have full ability to break into all EA services”. .

Through a statement from a spokesperson, issued through his press center, EA confirmed the event, noting that they have not been able to identify how much source code could actually be extracted from their network and that they are investigating the details of the incident.

The company confirmed that the data of the players was not compromised with this attack and that due to the characteristics of the event, there is no need to fear for possible risks to the privacy of its users. Also, clearing up other kinds of doubts, they affirmed that this fact was not due to a ransomware attack.

»After the incident, we have already made security improvements and we do not expect an impact on our games or our business», says part of that official statement, trying to put cold cloths on the matter. However, the Vice report indicates that 780GB of information from this attack is already for sale clandestinely on the network. In addition, access to tools in this category would allow the creation of interventions or hacks in games, as well as open the way to exploit vulnerabilities within the code of any of these titles.

In addition to reporting a reinforcement in its security systems, Electronic Arts indicated that it will be in charge of enforcing the law, consulting with experts as well as the development of the pertinent criminal investigation.

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