Electronic Arts is in the crosshairs of Apple

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electronic arts 1 1000x600.jpg

It is known that, during the last months, Electronic Arts has been in talks with several companies for a potential acquisition. of the same or, to be more exact, some type of merger, which allows the total or partial maintenance of its current board of directors. Thus, as Kotaku has revealed, several negotiations have already been carried out in this regard, although it is true that these, until now, have entered a dead end in two of the cases that have transpired.

The first of the companies that considered the possibility of buying Electronic Arts was the Disney group. The choice does not seem casual, since Electronic Arts has already brought multiple titles based on one of the group’s franchises to the field of video games. However, and according to these reports, Disney would have finally backed down. It is unknown, yes, the reason for the withdrawal by the media giant.

Subsequently, directors of Electronic Arts would have met with those of the NBCUniversal group, which would also have been interested in taking over EA. In this case, it seems that the reason for not reaching an agreement has to do precisely with what was indicated at the beginning, that is, with the interest of the current CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, to remain in charge of the company once the merger is complete.

The most striking attempt, however, is that of Apple, which according to these reports has also come to the table to negotiate a possible acquisition. In this case, yes, it seems even more unlikely that Wilson could maintain his current position, and even more so that those from Cupertino would agree to a merger in which the identity of both companies would intermingle to create a new entity. And it is that, even with its detractors, Apple’s brand image is possibly one of the most valued in the technology sector.

However, and unlike what happened with Disney and NBCUniversal, there is no evidence that the talks have ended, so we can understand that the option is still open in this case. And, if confirmed, if Apple finally took over Electronic Arts, we would find ourselves facing the first big move by those from Cupertino in the video game sector.

Electronic Arts is in the crosshairs of Apple

And it is that his greatest movement in this sense, up to now, is the launch of Apple Arcade, its game subscription service for the brand’s devices, a very interesting proposal but in which we don’t find anything that even remotely resembles a triple A title, precisely the specialty of Electronic Arts with many of its franchises. Some titles, yes, with very, very little presence in macOS.

It is evident that at Apple they are very proud of the performance that Apple Silicon provides, so you may think that the time has come to take the gaming experience a step further on macOS, and potentially on iPad Pro as well. The problem, of course, is that the offer in this regard is quite limited. Now, we can take it for granted that if Apple takes over Electronic Arts, this could change substantially in the medium term.

The big question is, of course, how the GPU integrated into the SoC of the Apple M1 would cope with the requirements of a triple A, an exceptionally complex challenge.

This rumor comes in a particularly hectic moment in the sectorwith Microsoft trying to take over Activision Blizzard, Sony after Bungie, Haven Studios and FromSoftware, and precisely today with the completion of Take-Two’s integration with Zynga, as we can see in the tweet published by the company.