Electric cars: French cars under high voltage

electric cars french cars under high voltage
electric cars french cars under high voltage

Thus, in the midst of “Renaulution”, the diamond brand is preparing to market a new Scenic. But while the first model bearing this name created in 1996 democratized the concept of the minivan, the one which will arrive in dealerships in spring 2024 aims to reinvent the family sedan around a 100% electric powertrainAssembled in the Douai factory, developed on an enlarged version of the CMF-EV platform, already used by the Megane E-Tech, the new Scenic measures 4.47 m in length, 1.86 m in width and 1.57 m in height. Two battery capacities are offered, 60 or 87 kWh for ranges of 420 and 620 km. Traction is provided by a wound rotor electric motor manufactured in France, in the historic Renault factory in Cléon. Two powers are offered: 170 hp for the 60 kWh version, 220 hp for the 87 kWh. The standard 7 kW on-board charger can be increased to 22 kW as an option for a complete recharge in less than four hours on a three-phase wallbox. Finally, connection to a fast terminal (150 kW) allows you to restore 200 to 250 km of autonomy in thirty minutes of charging.

Recharge. And the Renault Scenic will not be the only French novelty in this segment in 2024 since it will find on its route a very ambitious Peugeot E-3008. Indeed, the lion brand is playing big when it comes to replacing a model which has played a major role in its profitability in recent years with more than a million copies sold for the second generation of the model alone, marketed in 2016.

Expected in dealerships at the start of next year, this third generation of 3008 may well be significantly larger than the previous one with 9 cm more in length, 5 cm more in width and 2 cm more in height (L xlxh: 4.54 x 1.89 x 1.64 m), its style gains dynamism thanks to a pronounced angle of its rear window and its large wheels mounted on 19 or 20 inch rims depending on the version. Technically, this new 3008 stands out thanks to the STLA Medium platform from the Stellantis group, optimized from the design stage for 100% electric versions. Thus, the E-3008 will be offered from February 2024 with a 73 kWh battery for a range of 525 km with a 210 hp engine under the hood, while a 320 hp twin-engine 4-wheel drive version will arrive at the end of 2024 with the same battery and identical range.

For those who would like to go further, they will have to wait until 2025 and the “High autonomy” version, 230 hp traction with a huge 98 kWh battery for more than 700 km on a charge, according to the official WLTP cycle. Charging, in fact, is done at 11 kW with the standard on-board charger, which can be replaced by an optional 22 kW. On a direct current fast terminal, the E-3008 accepts up to 160 kW, which makes it possible to restore around a hundred kilometers of range in less than ten minutes. Finally, unlike the exclusively electric Renault Scenic, the new 3008 will also be offered in a 48 V hybrid version using the mechanics of the current 3008 Hybrid 136, and in a 195 hp rechargeable hybrid allowing more than 80 km of electric autonomy thanks to a 195 hp battery. 21 kWh.

Great comfort. Endowed with generous habitability thanks to its wheelbase of 2.73 m (+ 6 cm), the 3008 is distinguished by its unique man-machine interface consisting of a large 21-inch digital panel floating above the dashboard. edge for the GT finish, while the entry-level Allure will make do with two separate screens for displaying the instrumentation and infotainment. Assembled in Sochaux, the 3008 will be joined at the end of 2024 by a new 5008 which can accommodate up to seven occupants. Better, this new STLA Medium platform released by the 3008 will also be used for the DS 8, a luxurious SUV prefigured by the Aero Sport Lounge concept, whose presentation should take place at the end of 2024.

But next year promises to be the year of the democratization of the French electric car. In this area, while waiting for the first official information concerning a new Renault 5 built in Douai, in the North, and which promises to be very affordable, it is Citroën which has just made the most thunderous announcement with an ë- C3 at 19,990 euros excluding bonus, or less than 15,000 euros once the purchasing aid is deducted if it remains at the current amount (5,000 euros). Because this entry-level ë-C3 – whose range should not exceed 200 km, due to its small battery – will not be available before 2025.


In the meantime, we will have to make do with the launch versions of the C3, which will be marketed from spring 2024. On the program, a 100 hp PureTech gasoline, a 48 V hybrid with the same power, and a first electric ë-C3 of 113 hp already very affordable since it is offered from 23,300 euros (always excluding bonuses), or 99 euros per month, all for a range of 320 km which is not ridiculous for a city car.

To achieve this result, the Citroën teams designed a new Smart platform, developed on the basis of the CMP used for the previous C3, and grafted a lithium-ion battery with LFP chemistry (lithium-iron-phosphate) less expensive – and less energy dense – than the NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt) mainly used today by industry. Result: a capacity of 44 kWh for this battery which adopts a parallelepiped shape (and no longer a cross of Lorraine, like that of current e-CMPs) to be installed under the rear seat. It should also be noted that this C3 will be assembled in Slovakia in the Stellantis factory in Trnava, alongside the Peugeot 208.

Modern city car. Peaking at 1.57 m in height, this new C3 adopts an SUV profile but maintains measurements perfectly compatible with urban use (length of 4.01 m). The driving position is raised by 10 cm compared to the previous C3, making it easier to get on board. The classic instrument cluster is replaced by a display projected onto a plastic surface placed at the base of the windshield. If, in the entry-level “You” finish, the infotainment function is provided by a smartphone application, for which a support is provided in the center of the dashboard, a classic 10.25-inch central touch screen takes over for the “Max” version, with more generous equipment. The latter is even entitled to padded seats and benches for better softness.

Finally, all ë-C3s should be equipped with shock absorbers with progressive hydraulic stops in both compression and rebound to guarantee them standard suspension comfort, making it possible in particular to protect the lower back of their occupants when passing speed bumps, a real asset for a modern city car §

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