Elden Ring focus of cybercriminals: your game can end up corrupted when playing in multiplayer mode

After having managed to exceed a whopping 12 million copies distributed in its first days, there is no doubt that Elden Ring is the most popular game of the moment. However, it seems that this has made it the focus of too many eyes, and it has now become the target of some cybercriminals.

In the same way that happened with the Dark Souls and Demon Souls servers shortly before the release of the latter title, the local hosting system on which the multiplayer mode of Demon Souls is based. Elden Ring could leave a small door open to enter our computer. So while this time the vulnerability doesn’t seem to go that far in our data, it’s enough for other people to be able to alter some details of our save game, causing a bug that leaves players in a state of continual death, messing up the game. So your game completely.

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As we can see in the video, this exploit is based on the fact that either we invade another player’s game, or we are invaded by another. Next, these malicious players use a specific skill that causes the game to crash and even crash. After this, when we reload our save, we will find that our character will be in an unspecified place on the map, outside the usual textures, entering a state of continuous fall and death that will prevent us from playing normally again.

And it is that specifically, the only action carried out by these hackers is change the spawn location of our save gamecausing that when reloading the game after the invasion, we enter this loop.

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Known for a couple of days, at the moment neither Bandai Namco nor FromSoftware have spoken about it, therefore there is no type of patch or official solution to recover our data. Luckily, the Reddit community seems to have managed to find a little manual fix where, with some patience and skill, players themselves can regain control of their game.

Elden Ring multiplayer hackers corrupt game

How to prevent your Elden Ring game from being hacked

For our part, our current recommendation would be that you try to disable or limit multiplayer features until the developer shares some kind of official patch. And the fact is that although the online experience is undoubtedly one of the great hallmarks of this saga, this game offers enough hours of playability and replayability to continue enjoying it.

In addition, it will not be necessary to completely block the functions, since we can continue to have the cooperative part of the multiplayer mode with friends without fear of exposing our data. To do this, we recommend that you set a password for multiplayer mode, in addition to stop using items like the Blue and White Cipher Rings.