Eight must-have features of LinkedIn Company Pages

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LinkedIn is the social platform dedicated to labor relations with the most active accounts. It’s about a meeting point between professionals and companies, where to share knowledge, find new job opportunities and discover new talents.

These LinkedIn capabilities allow pages to gain greater visibility and improve reach.

LinkedIn has a tool for companies with which they can create their own Pages, in the style of Facebook Pages, although with functionalities focused on working, such as the possibility of showing vacancies, the human team behind the company or new ones. services and products.

In this sense, LinkedIn pages have some essential functionalities that help improve their visibility and reach:

-Moderation options: LinkedIn Pages offer moderation options with which the page administrator can select who can view and comment on the posts on the page.

-Reactions: LinkedIn Reactions works in a similar way to Facebook Reactions. Give followers more options when it comes to reacting to a post, beyond the typical “like.” With them, users can ‘celebrate’, ‘recommend’, ‘support’, show curiosity or show that they love something.

-Stories from LinkedIn: Stories, short content and 24 hours old, are the new trend in social networks. Companies can use this type of content to offer advice, post updates, job search alerts or show moments in the lives of workers. It is a content that generates engagement, since followers can respond to stories.

-Carousel of images: This functionality allows users to upload a PDF file to the platform that will be displayed as a dynamic carousel of images. This form makes it easy to share documents such as whitepapers, catalogs or ebooks.

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-LinkedIn Live: Live videos are one of the content that works best on the Internet. LinkedIn has its own tool to broadcast live videos. This allows companies to create interesting content, interviewing specialists in a sector, showing their processes from within, or conducting question and answer sessions with the audience.

-Highlighted content: LinkedIn has long allowed the creation of a featured content section where professionals can highlight some of their best work. Although it is a functionality of personal profiles, these also affect pages (if they are part of a company, of course). Show the outstanding contents of the workers, reinforces the image of the company and offers greater confidence.

-Events: Creating events reinforces visibility and offers the possibility of creating new contacts, by showing the company to other users. LinkedIn offers the possibility of organizing online events, which can be public or private, as well as sending invitations to the desired users.

-Surveys: This is a type of content that generates a lot of interactions, since it does not require the user to take time to offer a long answer. It offers a tool with which to obtain feedback from users and a way to connect with followers.