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The Surprising Secret Behind Gisele Bundchen’s Hair

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Gisele Bundchen has hair that is envied by all women around the world. It is no coincidence that it is the face of well-known brands of hair products. The most surprising thing was to learn recently, in an interview he gave to “The Associated Press”, that he does not even have a hairbrush! Of course, this is because, because of her work, there are other people who are permanently combing her hair. Anyway, this makes us think about his relaxed style and that he seems to have no major production but the result is always heartbreaking. The answer? try to skip the hair dryer, the straightener, curling irons and go for a more casual look. It is difficult to do without all our products, but here are two tips that will help you achieve it with the minimum.


1. Wash your hair at night and put a casual braid before going to bed: This is a very simple technique, easy to do and with amazing results. When you wake up in the morning and undo the braid, you will be wearing beachy waves as if you were coming out of the sea. To make them last you during the day, you have to use a light mouse to make the effect and not fall apart. The best thing about this is that you don’t need a hair dryer or a curling machine.

2. When your hair is damp, use a serum that reduces frizz: When your hair is not yet completely dry, comb it with your fingers and apply a serum to reduce frizz, then take it completely and make a collected bun. Make sure to secure it with tweezers so there are no marks. If you are looking for more texture you can make two bows.

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