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The 7 Secrets To Walking With Tacos Like A Goddess

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Walking with heels is an art, and for your luck we will give you some very useful tips that will help you do it with great grace and naturalness!


When you wear heels it is very important that you walk supporting first the heel (that is, the heel) and then the toes. This will make the hike look more natural.


When you wear heels the steps you can take are smaller than normal, therefore you will have to take several more steps to get to the side. We do not recommend baby steps, but we mean that you do not try to take steps the same length that you take when wearing sneakers.


When you walk fast with cleats it looks a bit awkward. That is why it is necessary that you take your time, since walking slower also gives you an air of confidence.


Lean back a bit when walking with cleats, as this will counteract your forward lean, and your walk will look more balanced and natural.


When you want to walk with heels, it will be much better if you visualize your end point and imagine a straight line there.

# 6

When you take a step, arch your foot slightly to feel the shoe firmer and more attached to your feet. This will make it easier to walk as you will feel more confident.

# 7

If your shoes don’t fit you, the task of walking like an expert naturally will become much more difficult. If they are a bit large, use patches to make them fit better, and if they are too small, try to take them to a shoemaker to see if they can be enlarged.

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