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The 5 Most Flattering Basics For Your Figure

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Do we tell you a secret? Some of the most flattering items for your figure may already be hidden in your closet. In case you have forgotten these wild cards that can save you on more than one occasion, we will tell you about the 5 garments that you can always count on to favor your figure. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading!!

1. Simple black dress.



There is nothing more flattering than a classic black dress. This basic is super easy to combine and allows you to achieve timeless looks with which every woman looks good.

2. Pencil skirt with high waist.



What is the grace of a skirt with a high waist? Its tailored shape sits gracefully at the waist for a very flattering fit. Adjusting to your center, this classic skirt creates a long, clean line while maintaining a super professional look.

3. Dark denim.



We asked the experts about this and got a universal answer: dark denim always achieves a more flattering look. The dark shade helps hide whatever you want allowing you to look and feel great!

4. Pointed shoes with heels.



Studs elongate your figure, that’s obvious. But, to maximize your legs, we have another trick. Choose a model that ends in a point; this polished shape allows you to create the illusion of even longer legs.

5. V-neck t-shirts.



The neckline of a simple V-neck T-shirt has the power to elongate your silhouette by highlighting your collarbones. At the same time it allows you to create a casual and flattering look.

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