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8 Office Looks You Can Wear With Sneakers

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Don’t get us wrong: obviously studs have an important place in office looks, but we believe that the comfort and style of sneakers are unmatched and that is why we want to incorporate them whenever possible, even in office looks!

It can be difficult to put them on and not feel too casual, but if you pair them with the right clothes it is absolutely possible to elevate them and put together a polished look. Here we show you 8 outfits that prove it!

1. Relaxed suit.

Update the classic business suit by combining it with a relaxed top and a pair of sneakers.


2. Black pants and blazer.

Elevate your classic sneakers by wearing them with black pants and a black structured blazer.


3. Button-down shirt and skinny pants.

For a fashionable twist on your classic shirt and pants, pair them with a cool pair of sneakers.


4. Pencil skirt and structured top.

Mix sporty with sophistication by combining a structured top with a modern pencil skirt and sneakers.


5. Varsity jacket and shorts.

Pants help keep the pieces relaxed from looking too casual.


6. Sweater and pleated skirt.

Lower a pleated skirt a bit when paired with a pair of slip-on sneakers.


7. Black bodysuit.

Mix up your outfit by combining a black jumpsuit with a pair of completely white sneakers.


8. Striped dress and boyfriend jeans.

Master layering with a dress over pants, and finish the look with your favorite pair of sneakers.


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