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7 Simple Garments That Make You Feel Immediately Chic

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These garments can take your look to the next level in one step.

While we wear a variety of items in our day-to-day lives, there are a few specific pieces that are simple yet incredibly stylish. Basically, when we combine those garments with other essentials, the look achieves an immediate chic vibe. Keep scrolling down to see the 7 we selected.

1. Motorcycle jacket.

A motorcycle jacket is one of the main basic products. You can literally put it over anything and you will achieve a cool and effortless look.

2. Straight leg black jeans / Black skinny jeans.

Black straight leg or skinny jeans are a staple, especially for those all-black chic looks.

3. Tailoring garments.

Modern tailoring brings that easy, polished vibe to any outfit. You can combine tailored garments with other unexpected items that contrast.

4. Flat boots.

Flat boots are ultra versatile and combinable and can add an elevated touch to any look. Better still if they are black.

5. Eye-catching glasses.

The perfect finishing touch to any classy look is an eye-catching pair of sunglasses. While the classics are always a safe bet, the more entertaining forms go a step further.

6. Black cross wallet.

A black crossbody bag is a staple for its functionality (hands-free living), its versatility (it can be combined with anything), and its overall elegance.

7. Leather garments.

Leather garments are still on trend and are definitely a staple for a cool and elevated look.

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