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14 Hair Color Trends You Need To Know Before Going To The Hair Salon

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Ombré? Balayage? Looks baby? There are so many coloring terms, and they all sound strange to us …

No one expects you to be a pro when you make an appointment with a colorist, but knowing exactly what you want and using the correct terms can make the difference between achieving the hair of your dreams and your worst nightmare. For this reason, we made a guide with each of the techniques and trends in coloring.

Keep going down to become an expert!

1. Unique Dyeing Process

This color technique is what you ask for in the salon when you want a complete update to your color, as it includes the tone from the roots to the ends. To cover gray hair, this process gives everything you need.

2. Double-Process Coloring

A double coloring process is the most visible base color. If you want this, be sure to ask for extra time in the salon, as it is quite time consuming.

3. Baby Visos

The baby highlights or Babylights go around the hairline and in your part. They are subtle, delicate, and ideal for fine hair.

4. Visos For Your Tail

If you use more of your hair, be sure to tell your colorist to add special highlights near the nape of the neck and above the ears. It’s good to keep some highlights near the perimeter of your head, because it looks lighter without needing too much work, and when you pick up your hair, you will have some small highlights that will look super natural.

5. Bronde

Is she blonde or brunette? Nobody knows… That is why the colorists created a term (in English) for that middle color. This technique is recommended for women with dark blonde or light brown hair, who need a bit of highlights.

6. Balayage

When you see a colorist meticulously paint every strand of hair with bleach, this is balayage. If you want a dramatic effect like J.Lo’s, then this is the technique for you.

7. Lowlights

Lowlights are the exact opposite of overtones. They are dark pieces of hair, usually in the lower layers and around the neck, which give a very natural effect.

8. Rooting

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to go to the hairdresser every month, ask your stylist to root your hair. To achieve this, the highlights are made, and then a color is put on the roots to turn it off and make it more subtle. It is simply something that takes away the contrast so that it does not look so over the top, and is not so noticeable when it starts to grow.

9. Spot Dyeing

This is the most extreme form of the ombré. There is a clear demarcation where the color ends and where the other part. This high-contrast technique is definitely for the bravest, and it looks amazing with pastel shades.

10. Ombré

Ombré is the color trend that will never die. Every summer women want a color that is darker at the roots and lighter at the ends, because it is low maintenance. It’s like the effect that spending the entire summer in the sun would give you.

11. Shaded

The shadow is an ombré but more subtle. It includes overtones near the root, but most of the color is concentrated at the tips.

12. Brown Coffee

Brown brown is brighter than ombré, and less bright than ombré. To achieve this you need more highlights at the top of the hair and then make them more subtle. The key to achieving a good look on brown hair is to ask for golden tones. The key words to use with your colourist are honey, caramel, and copper tones.

13. Visos with Sponge

This is literally making looks with a sponge, a new and emerging trend that promises to be the next trend. It is a way of coloring the hair with only a sponge that touches the surface and penetrates it, resulting in a natural and summery effect.

14. Oxidation

When your color doesn’t look as vivid and it’s time to touch it up, it’s probably to blame for rust. Oxidation can happen to all hair colors and is simply caused by exposure to the sun, water, and hair products.

Tincture generally has an expiration date. So, around four weeks, when your hair color starts to change, make an appointment with your salon and try using purple shampoo (not just for blondes!).



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