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12 Outfits All Thirties Should Have On Hand

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These are not set rules, just advice that we think can make your life much easier.

At 30 we have already been able to reflect on our tastes and we know what looks good on us. We are clearer about the trends we want to follow and the ones we want to let go of, worse still, there are 12 actions that we should all have on hand because, we promise you, they never fail to get out of trouble or show our best.

1. A garment without shoulders.

By your 30s you may have removed all heavily overexposed garments, but that means there is plenty of room available to add a chic off-the-shoulder top. Showing a little skin is sexy and this garment works every time, from an office look to a night out.

2. Culottes.

Sure, there may be trends that you decide not to wear, but culottes shouldn’t be one of them. They are super flattering and perfect to wear with sneakers or high heels.

3. Flared pants.

This trend works for practically all bodies and they always look sophisticated.

4. Shines for the day.

Put aside the typical way of wearing glitter and dare to incorporate them for the day in subtle or sophisticated garments.

5. A pleated skirt.

The pleated skirts were made to flatter the female silhouette, leaving the waist tighter and creating the hourglass silhouette.

6. A suit with personality.

Choose a suit with a modern cut and in an original color or pattern. It is the perfect outfit to give a stylish twist to your typical office look.

7. Monochromatic look.

Never underestimate the power of a monochrome look. It is chic and timeless par excellence and you can play with variations of shades of the same color to give it more interest.

8. A sophisticated and deep neckline.

You can show skin with elegance and sophistication, and a surefire way to do that is with a long-sleeved, plunging-neck blouse.

9. An eye-catching jacket.

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to focus on coats. A bold color or original print will take your look directly to the next level.

10. A skirt with a slit on the leg.

Show off some legs with this sexy but grown-up twist. Reveal just the right amount of skin as you walk.

11. Pajama-type garments.

Pajama-inspired pieces are a trendy alternative that looks sophisticated and stylish. Just remember to pair them with studs, not sneakers, to get the right effect.

12. One layer.

A cape is the perfect top to complement everything from a pair of jeans to an elegant dress.

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