EDIT.org launches its free line for education: Personalized and professional designs for schools and teachers


The educational field has faced various challenges in recent years, especially in the context of the pandemic. Visual communication has become a key tool to maintain student motivation, improve class participation and strengthen the bond between teachers, students and parents. In response to these needs, EDIT.org has launched an exclusive toll free line for education, offering personalized and professional designs for schools, colleges, institutes and universities.

Attractive and personalized designs

EDIT.org presents itself as a free platform that gives educational institutions and teachers the ability to easily create stunning designs. From motivational posters to diplomas to award outstanding students of the week, the platform offers a wide range of customizable templates to meet the specific needs of each school.

EDIT.org’s primary goal is to help educators improve visual communication, encourage engagement, and motivate students. To achieve this, the platform provides attractive and professional designs that can be customized with just a few clicks. Without the need for advanced graphic design skills, teachers can create eye-catching and visually appealing educational material.

Communicate and organize your classes

Effective communication is essential in the educational environment. With EDIT.org, teachers can create clear, concise, and engaging messages that resonate with their students. The platform offers a wide variety of templates designed specifically for classroom communication. Whether it’s to inform about the objectives of a course, remember important dates or motivate students to participate actively, teachers can find the perfect template for their needs.

EDIT.org also provides tools to organize classes efficiently. Customizable planners and agendas allow teachers to have a clear view of activities and assignments, while helping students organize their time and set goals. This functionality contributes to better time management and greater focus on the learning process.

Graphic material for classes

Visually appealing educational material can make all the difference in the learning experience of students. EDIT.org offers a wide variety of templates and graphic resources that complement the lessons and make the content more understandable and engaging. From visual lessons to learning charts and explanatory charts, the platform gives teachers the tools they need to create impactful lessons.

Socially conscious classes

The role of education in the formation of conscious and committed citizens is essential. EDIT.org recognizes this and offers templates designed to address important issues like climate change, recycling, or bullying. These templates help teachers to reinforce social awareness and promote positive values ‚Äč‚Äčamong students. With engaging designs and powerful messages, students are encouraged to reflect and engage with the world around them.

Custom and professional designs, free for schools and educators!

EDIT.org’s free line for education is presented as a valuable and accessible solution to improve visual communication in education. With a wide variety of customizable templates, the platform enables teachers and educational institutions to create attractive and professional designs without the need for advanced graphic design skills.

In addition to providing tools for communication and organization in the classroom, EDIT.org seeks to motivate students, encourage participation, and promote social awareness. The project is aligned with the vision of an educational system that goes beyond the transmission of knowledge, and strives to train citizens committed to society and the planet.

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