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EcoPower Automotive, the Spanish pickup that wants to stand up to the Tesla Cybertruck

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One of the dreams of Elon musk was to launch the first electric pick-up. And, although with the occasional start, the Tesla Cybertruck It is just around the corner. We knew that it will have the electric Hummer as a great rival, but it seems that a Spanish company, EcoPower Automotive, joins the party.

More than anything because they just announced that are developing an electric off-road pickup that could start production in 2023. It is not yet known what this Spanish zero-emission pick-up will be called, but seeing who is behind this project, it points to ways to be a headache for its big rivals. Also, it seems that will be distributed under the emblematic signature EBRO, which would revive in a big way with this electric truck.

To begin with, the team behind this project already dazzled by participating in a 2017 Dakar Rally with an electric car that managed to finish the tough race. And now they have an even bigger challenge on their way: challenge Tesla and Hummer with your own pick-up without a combustion engine.

The Spanish pick-up that wants to dominate Europe

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EcoPower Automotive the Spanish pickup that wants to stand up

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EcoPower Automotive

Through the official website of EcoPower Automotive we can discover some very interesting details of this electric pick-up of Spanish origin. To get started, It will have solar panels so that it can be recharged without having to connect it to a power outlet. A detail that can save you from more than one trouble. In addition, you can connect all kinds of appliances and other tools up to 220V, so you will not be short of options.

On the other hand, they have revealed a few details of the design section. In addition to the different renderings that accompany this article, we know that tIt will have dimensions close to 1.8 meters wide and high, in addition to a ground clearance of about 28.5 centimeters.

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We also know that, as is customary in this type of vehicle, it will have a chassis based on side members and cross members. And what about its potency? Well, at the moment it is a complete mystery, although from EcoPower Automotive have confirmed that this EBRO electric pick-up will have two motors on the axles to offer vertical traction.

To say that this electric pick-up is focused on a professional profile, but they are expected to also present a consumer model so that anyone can get hold of this alternative to the Tesla Cybertruck.

Now we just have to wait for EcoPower Automotive to give more data on the first Spanish electric pick-up Because if it reaches the market at a competitive price, remember that it will be manufactured in Europe, it can be a real success in sales.

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