Earthquake for OPPO and OnePlus: Germany prohibits the sale of their mobiles after a lawsuit from Nokia

What an earthquake has occurred in Germany within the mobile phone sector: both OPPO and OnePlus have had to leave the German market because they cannot sell their mobiles in that country. The cause is due to a lawsuit filed by Nokia due to patent infringement. Interestingly, both companies signed an agreement for these patents in 2018.

Lawsuits in court are more than common in the technological landscape, not in vain there are countless aspects that are related to electronic devices. From all the software that these devices include to the different hardware components; Without forget the appearance of the interface, the animations or the wireless behavior. There are many demands that have turned the industry upside down; like the one between Samsung and Apple or Apple itself with Epic Games. Now comes a confrontation that carries a major blow.

OnePlus and OPPO cannot sell their phones in Germany

Oneplus Store

The OnePlus store in Germany does not show any phones to buy

The court ruling has become effective, as can be seen in the official OnePlus and OPPO stores. Both brands have removed the entire catalog of phones leaving the websites without availability. And they clarify that this problem applies only to the sale of new devices, not support: OPPO and OnePlus mobiles sold in Germany maintain guarantees and updates. Both brands can distribute non-mobile devices.

As the German outlet Wirtschaftswoche discovered (via WinFuture), OPPO has been forced to withdraw all its mobiles for sale after a ruling by the Munich Regional Court 1. According to the lawsuit filed by Nokia, the Chinese multinational would not have valid licenses for the use of certain 5G patents. The German court initiated the execution of a previous sentence that urged the blocking of sales in Germany.

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Currently, on the OnePlus Germany page there is no phone for sale. For its part, OPPO warns its users of the situation:

Product information is currently not available on our website.

Ask: Can I continue to use OPPO products without restrictions, access support and receive future updates?
Response: Yes, you can continue to use your OPPO products without restrictions, access support and of course you will also receive all future updates.

From OPPO Spain they have confirmed to us that the German division has had to block sales in that country, but they have reiterated that this situation does not apply to Spain. As soon as we have more news we will update this article.

Via | WinFuture