Earn some money with the bikini operation: this app pays you for every step you take

earn some money with the bikini operation: this app pays

The heat is here, which means that swimsuit time is right around the corner. If you haven’t already made a visit to the beach, of course. The time to conclude the bikini operation is running out and surely not a few of you will have increased your physical activity to be able to appear on the cover of the magazine ‘loquesea Health’. And if your thing is to walk, what less than to get something extra out of it.

To earn money there are different apps in the mobile ecosystem. We are not going to get rich with them and we have to make some concessions, such as giving up our user data or our location for advertising purposes. If we’re willing to go through that, with WeWard we can earn some money (not much) in exchange for our steps. It is very simple and the truth is that it interferes little on the mobile.

Walk and earn ‘Wards’ to trade for things


WeWard says on its website that it is there to motivate us to walk as part of an “eco-responsible approach” and that it aligns with three sustainable development goals “set by the UN in the 2030 Agenda”. Those three objectives are health, ecology and local dynamism. They also affirm that using their app we walk 24% more than usual, which would be very beneficial if true. According to their stats, it is.

In the end, what we do using WeWard is that we can redeem the steps we take every day for different rewards. We simply have to give the application permission to access our geolocation (with all that this implies) and also our physical activity. From that moment on, the app will allow us to exchange the steps. In the case of the one who writes to you, all those registered by Google Fitthe app I use to measure my physical activity.

As we redeem steps, we will earn coins within the app and said currency can be exchanged directly for real money (We remind you that we are not going to get rich, much less) or for gifts. We can also donate this money earned to different associations, or access discounts that some brands promote within the application.


In WeWard we also find a certain social aspect, because by inviting our friends to use it we will have a small ranking to be able to challenge our contacts. Also inherits a bit from games like ‘Pokemon GO’ or ‘Ingress’, since in WeWard we will have some specific points in our area that we can reach to double our earned points. The more people use WeWard in our zone, the more point duplication zones there will be. So, in that sense, the social aspect gains more weight.

As we can see, WeWard is a fairly simple application that doesn’t “bother” our phone. As we have mentioned before, it is about a kind of incentive to walk more, or to increase the benefits of the walks or races that we already do. A prize for our physical activity that can allow us to treat ourselves from time to time. We can earn up to 25 Wards (the currency of the app) if we reach 20,000 daily steps. You can try it if it convinces you. Maybe you’ll get hooked, who knows, and you can buy something from time to time.



  • Price: Free
  • Developer: WeWard
  • Download it for: Android
  • Download it for: iPhone

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