Eamon Ryan calls on pro-Putin rally organisers to ‘stand down’ as protests planned in Ireland

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Eamon Ryan is putting the Russians under pressure to call off pro-Putin rallies due to take place here next week.

The Green Party chief and one of the three leaders of the Coalition said these protests would be “antagonistic” and he called on the organisers of the rally to “stand down”.

And he added that the gardai could consider banning marches if they were considered a danger to public order, because he thinks there are “real concerns” about such events.

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Supporters of the warmongering despot Vladimir Putin living in Ireland are planning a show of strength here to coincide with Russia’s World War II victory commemorations.

May 9 is a day where the Russian army typically shows off its military strength every year.

However, the OPW has refused permission for a rally in Phoenix Park this coming Sunday, May 8.

A spokesman for the OPW told the Irish Mirror on Thursday evening: “In January, the OPW received an application for an event at the Papal Cross in Phoenix Park on 8 May 2022.

“The organisers were requested to provide a signed indemnity form, to submit an event safety management plan and to provide the relevant insurance cover. The organisers were also required to meet with the OPW and An Garda Siochana.

“As all these requirements have not been met, the OPW is not in a position to grant permission for this event.”

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It is not clear if the protest will now that proceed, or if anyone will still turn up.

On Monday of this week, Russia shocked Irish people all over the world when a Putin ‘puppet’ TV presenter broadcast a simulation of a nuclear attack on Ireland.

Mr Ryan was strong in his condemnation of the stunt on Tuesday on his way into Cabinet, saying it was “disturbing” and a “disgrace.”

Today he followed up again in denouncing the planned rally.

When he was asked if he would ask the organisers of the rally to “stand down” by the Irish Mirror, Mr Ryan replied: “Yes, I would.

“I think it will antagonise people here.

“People have a real sense of outrage in relation to what’s happening in Ukraine.

“There is an aggressor, it is the Russian government and the Russian army and I think celebrating or supporting that in any way I think would be, for Irish people, add to the insult in a way.”

The Greens chief added that it is up to the gardai whether the rally could be banned on public order grounds.

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He said: “I think we’ll have to take the advice of the Garda Síochána because it’s a public order issue and one of our strengths in our country is that we have freedom, they’re fighting in Ukraine for their freedoms.

“We’ve to be careful if we are restricting freedoms, particularly freedoms to protest, or to assemble, we just have to be careful on that.

“So I’d just like to first and foremost take the Garda advice, but I think there are real concerns about it, but I’d first and foremost like to see Garda advice, I think that would be appropriate.”

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