E-ink tablet: Huawei MatePad Paper in the test

The MatePad Paper from Huawei is an e-reader, notepad and tablet in one: In the test, it also showed talent as a player for audio books.

Determining the device type of the Huawei MatePad Paper is not that easy. “E-ink writing tablet” probably describes it best: The combination of e-reader, notepad and tablet is surprising in the tablet market. The E-Ink display with digitizer responds to pen input, and in this respect the MatePad Paper is comparable to the reMarkable 2 (review). While the latter is a purely digital notepad, the MatePad Paper fulfills significantly more tasks thanks to powerful hardware and HarmonyOS as the operating system.


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The 10.3-inch 4:3 display with an edge length of 20.9 cm × 15.6 cm is smaller than A4 format. This has the advantage that the tablet remains handy enough for use on the go, but has the disadvantage that sheet music in A4 format, for example, is scaled or cropped. Huawei includes a stylus and an imitation leather folio case with the tablet, which costs 500 euros. The pen sticks to the tablet with a magnet and is charged there by induction. There is no keyboard cover and according to the manufacturer it is not planned.

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The paper runs Huawei’s own operating system HarmonyOS, an Android fork. The setup is done within a minute, you don’t need a Huawei account to use the tablet. If you want to create one, this is only possible with the help of a smartphone. After using it to photograph a QR code generated by the tablet, you can set up the account from your smartphone.