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Dyson Purifier Formaldehyde, great design to breathe the best air

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It is a reality that since the firm began its journey in 1993 it has become a reference in terms of cleaning devices, we can say high level. Born in the heat of design, Dyson it revolutionized the aesthetic way of understanding what any human considered a vacuum cleaner, without a doubt its star model.

After many versions and unfolding its range of products, Dyson began with its purifiers, misnamed fans by most consumers, even more so when analyzing its specifications, you realize what it is doing more than by your room temperature , which also, for the quality of the air.

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beastly air quality

An air quality that seems only important when we enter hospital environments or those related to the world of health, but not in our home, which is precisely where we spend the most time. Well, there, as we will see, the Dyson Purifier Formaldehyde has a list of benefits related to the improvement of the air and its simply spectacular regeneration. It is for this environment that Dyson has designed this diabolical, groundbreaking and unconventional design device, the Dyson Purifier Formaldehyde. That said, and after trying it for a few weeks, it should be made clear that it is also a magnificent high-power fan and that in these times it is wonderful, if you do not have air conditioning or for those places in the house where the air conditioning does not it becomes as effective as you expect.

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groundbreaking design

As we say, the first thing that attracts attention is the design. Surely there hasn’t been anything on the market 220mm swivel base of exquisite finish, on which rests a kind of hollow shape that is actually where the air is emitted. Everything is handled with a small remote control that has the peculiarity of being able to stay magnetized on top of the Dyson Purifier Formaldehyde, which is quite comfortable for daily use. However, the remote control is just an appetizer of what you can do with this device if you install the application for Android or iOS, as we will explain later.

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Apart from the benefits as a fan, which may not be the one that the brand likes the most, but it is the first that the user sees, we have a whole string of data and actions that the team does for our health. For us, the most important thing is to reduce that type of air, we can say evil, that is generated by the furniture that is in any house. Its about formaldehyde, a polluting gas given off by furniture or better yet wood products that have formaldehyde-based resin. It is also present in DIY products (paint, wallpaper, varnishes or cleaning products). The most complex part of the matter is that it is 500 times smaller than a 0.1 micron particle, so that is where Dyson makes the difference by catching these harmful particles and eliminating them forever. For this, according to the firm, the company’s hardware and software work together within the purifier. In fact, Dan shows his chest and claims to have an exclusive algorithm with which he annihilates this type of particles.

Dyson Link

Available for iOS and Android, Dyson Link is what you really need if you want to get the most out of this equipment. The level of information it offers and handling is simply stratospheric compared to the analog control. Indoor pollution, humidity, temperature… and thousands of other parameters, in addition to the level of formaldehyde. We can also program the operating hours of the equipment from the mobile screen. After using the application intensively, it should be said that it is one of the best that we have tested on this type of device. It is useful for the user when it comes to taking advantage of and getting the most out of it and it goes far beyond what is a remote control on the mobile phone, providing tremendous added value for any customer who decides to buy a device of this type for the improvement and analysis of the air it does in real time. The icing on the cake is that as a good application compatible with Apple or Android products, it is compatible with both Siri and Google Home, so the most advanced users will be able to do absolute mischief from the application.

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To finish, it is necessary to talk about noise, something that is always key in this type of product. The official information assures that it is a 20% quieter than the previous version. Our humble experience is that it is practically imperceptible until level four, fully usable between levels 5 and 7 and obviously levels 8 to 10 (61 decibels), the strongest ones providing high ventilation in exchange for greater sound. The blame for so much soundproofing may be that we are talking about a HEPA H13 certified equipment AND that has high pressure sealing in each of its 24 critical points. And, all this, with a price that stands at € 699. Nothing bad.


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