Dyson Outsize+ cordless vacuum is $250 off right now

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woman vaccuming floor with dyson v11 outsize total clean cordless vacuum.jpg
Dyson V11 Outsize cleaning
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Cordless vacuums are better than corded ones in nearly every way. Of course, that comes with a bigger price tag. Thankfully, cordless vacuum deals come around every once and a while to give us a financial break. Right now the Dyson Outsize+ cordless vacuum is on sale for $700 after a $250 discount. Dyson is one of the best brands out there, so don’t let this deal pass you by.

Why you should buy the Dyson Outsize+ cordless vacuum

First off, let’s talk about why you need a cordless vacuum in general. They are better than corded vacuums in virtually every way. They’re more portable, so you don’t have to unplug and replug them in for every room you vacuum. They’re lighter, so you can use them to clean stairs, shelves, and the spider webs in the corner without straining your back. The only downside they have is that they must be charged, but a quality vacuum will hold plenty of power to clean a whole house — the Outsize+ model especially.

The Outsize+ is Dyson’s biggest model that comes with their signature laser guide. The bin is bigger so you can clean more dust and dirt without stopping to empty it out. The head is bigger so you can cover more ground in a single pass. The battery is stronger so you can run it for two straight hours without recharging. If that isn’t enough time to clean your whole house, you either have a twenty-room mansion or a very shaggy dog. This model of course has Dyson’s powerful motor and double cleaner head design. The laser guide helps show you where all the dust your eyes can’t see is hiding.

Dyson deals like this don’t pop up too often. The brand is just too high in demand to offer price cuts. Best Buy is giving us a taste today, but there’s no telling how long this deal will last. If you’re ready to upgrade to a high quality cordless vacuum, grab the Dyson Outsize+ at Best Buy while it’s $250 off — down to $700.

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