Home Tech News Smart Gadgets Dyson launches some curious headphones that allow you to breathe better

Dyson launches some curious headphones that allow you to breathe better

Dyson launches some curious headphones that allow you to breathe better
dyson launches some curious headphones that allow you to breathe

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The pandemic has made it clear to us that protecting our health is important, and one of the best ways to do it is by controlling what we breathe in the best possible way. As well, Dyson has thought of a way to achieve this together with headphones… and, the truth is that the result is the most surprising accessory.

Aesthetically, this is a product that looks like something out of science fiction movies, since the removable element that has the function of purify the air and that it is ensured that it is capable of eliminating contamination, allergens and solid particles from what is breathed. A curious detail is that you can configure the speed of your work, including an automatic option that is very useful. Besides, it should be noted that this element meets the standards of masks FFP2.

Something relevant is that the “mask” they include is very comfortable because it does not take up much space on the face. This is most convenient because, initially, its use must be intensive on a daily basis. In addition, its cleaning and the use of spare parts so that the purification is carried out is very intuitive.

Dyson Zone as headphones

Whether with or without the integrated purifier, the company has developed headband-type headphones that offer very good quality on paper. An example of what we say is that they include active noise cancellation, so nothing that happens on the street or the subway will bother you when listening to music -and this is positive so that the compressors of the mask do not bother you-. Besides, the sound is High Fidelitywhich ensures significant precision when enjoying all types of content.


It must be said that these headphones are quite big and somewhat heavy, something that is completely necessary so that the purification element can be placed without having stability problems. When it comes to connectivity, this is Bluetooth -although if necessary it is possible to use a cable-, which requires the use of a battery that is indicated to offer a range of more than half a day without problems.

Arrival date

What has been known today is that, after four years of work, Dyson has finished with the development. Thus, the firm that must not be denied that it has achieved a differential and striking product, will put it up for sale at some point in fall. The price remains to be seen, which does not aim to be especially cheap.