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DTT Channels rises from its ashes: you can now download the application to watch TV on your mobile

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Its return was announced for the beginning of 2023 and the development team fulfilled its promise: DTT Channels is once again available for download; along with access to hundreds of public television and radio channels. And with a very important novelty: DTT Channels can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Perhaps the mobile is not the device that we first think of when watching television, but it is nonetheless practical for the task. Because, thanks to its permanent connectivity and the option to install applications, our Android phone is an open window to any emission. Even DTT: apps like TDT Channels work the magic. Yes, he’s back.

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DTT Channels returns to Android with an app on Google Play

Tdt Channels Google Play

Until now, to enjoy everything that TDT Channels offered, it was mandatory to access the download of the apk file from the web to install it later on the mobile. With the reopening of the platform, DTT Channels has uploaded its official application to the Google Play Store for anyone to download it more easily and at no cost. The name of this app is TDT Channels Player.

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As always, the online television platform gives access to hundreds of live channels that broadcast over the Internet through public broadcasts. That is, TDT Channels collects public links so that, thanks to the multimedia player included in the app, its users access all television from one place.

After the break due to the closure of the Telegram channel, the developers of TDT Channels strengthened the legal scope of their software in order to return with all the guarantees. As they themselves state on their legal page, TDT Channels only collects links that the channels themselves use publicly. This application is not for playing unauthorized content on the phone.

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The app maintains the design, navigation, and playback quality it offered before the break that lasted almost two months. And now there are more ways to download this excellent TV player: from the DTT Channels page or from the Google Play Store. In both cases it is the same app, it is updated with the same frequency and requires the same procedure: you have to load the DTT Channels IPTV list in the “playlists” section.


TDTChannels Player

  • Developer: Marc Villa
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Video

More information | DTT Channels

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