Dryers without installation: dry your clothes wherever you want even if it rains

Hanging clothes

Drying our clothes is not always simple task depending on the moment or the place and sometimes days and days go by and the clothesline is not free. But there are some alternatives that we can use to the classic clothesline or conventional dryers: mini or portable dryers without installation. They allow us to dry clothes wherever we are and there are many options available that we can take into account and that we can take anywhere and dry our clothes quickly.

They are not dryers as such but devices that allow you to dry your clothes wherever you go or keep them hanging while they work as a kind of heater that will make the humidity disappear little by little until it is completely free of it.

Of course, forget about the classic dryer like the one have you seen at your parents’ house or in movies because it is not similar to the washing machine but rather heated hangers that are perfect for taking on a trip or for having our clothes hanging and hanging while we eliminate excess water or help them dry faster than they do on the clothesline. home.

Portable clothes dryer

One of the best options is this portable hot air dryer with 10 kilos of clothes and that works without friction. What it does is introduce a constant flow, drying the clothes statically. It does not damage clothes and also eliminates germs and bacteria through the PTC heater. And it is very easy to install because it works like a normal coat rack in which we will put the clothes and place the Secamatic on it so that it starts to heat up.

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It takes up little space, is very comfortable and consumes half as much as a traditional dryer although with less space and less power. It has an approximate load of 10 kilograms and costs only 100 euros, so it is an interesting option if your clothes never dry on the terrace or laundry room.

Clothesline cover with heater

Although it is not a portable dryer as such, the popular Rayen brand has another option that you can take into account to dry clothes more easily and it is a clothesline cover with heater that allows us to dry faster. If you use the classic clothesline at home but everything smells musty because it takes days to dry, this clothesline cover has a heater so that it takes less time for the clothes to be ready. It has an extendable design that adapts to different models and dries clothes without damaging them, even if they are delicate garments, maintaining their quality.

It is a cheap and easy option because it does not require installation and adapts to any circumstance. In addition, it takes up little space when you are not using it and allows us to save on electricity consumption because each time we will spend much less than with a normal dryer.

UTen electric dryer

It is foldable, takes up little space and has a design that adapts to any space and place. The Uten portable dryer It has a capacity of up to 15 kilos and a size of approximately 136 centimeters high. It works like a small closet with a heater that allows us to hang the clothes and the humidity disappears as time goes by. With 1500w of power and quick installation: just unfold it and turn it on, it is a very interesting option that we can take into account in the winter months.

Like the previous ones, it works with a heater that is responsible for heating the clothes and creating currents of hot air that will make them dry in a few hours. It has a timer if you want to leave it running and it promises noise reduction and not being a nuisance. In addition, it has a great advantage and that is that it folds up when not in use and fits in any closet or under the bed.

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