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Drones under 250 grams | c’t uplink 45.0

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You can fly small drones almost anywhere without a license and they fit in your jacket pocket. We discuss the c’t test and talk about flying.


Mini drones with a total weight of up to 249 grams are small and relatively harmless. Therefore, according to the current EU drone regulation, it is allowed to fly them without a driver’s license and also in the vicinity of people. Daniel Clören and Nico Jurran tested four of the small drones for c’t and brought the small planes to the Uplink studio (DJI Mini SE, Holy Stone HS710, Hubsan Zino Mini SE and le-idea IDEA 37).

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The drones from the test cost between 238 and 349 euros and are suitable for getting into drone flying. Some offer more flight stability, others the better camera image. All tested models have a stabilized camera on board.

For comparison, presenter Pina Merkert has a DJI Mini 3 Pro in the studio and is getting advice from the flight veterans on how best to use the premium mini drone. The DJI Mavic 3 Cine is even more elegant, but also heavier. The FPV drones “FPV” and “Avata” represent a completely different category. FPV drones are controlled in a completely different way.

The authors have already experienced a lot in their drone tests: from angry passers-by to a hard crash in the tree, everything was there. Nico and Daniel’s stories are not only entertaining, they also give a good overview of practical questions: where are the dangers lurking? When do I need supplementary insurance? And where should you leave the drone in your backpack?

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Also present: Daniel Cloren, Nico Jurran and Pina Merkert

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