Drive for desktop will replace the other Google Drive desktop applications


Google has launched a new transition urging those users to use the Backup & Sync and Drive File Stream applications to migrate to the new application called Drive for the desktop before next September.

More specifically, users who use Backup and Synchronization will not be able to use the application after September, while Drive File Stream users will get a guided migration process along the way, taking into account that it will be in October. when the app also stops working.

In either case, both are will offer the corresponding notices weeks before to avoid time being thrown on them, taking into account that they may have little time left to carry out the migration before the corresponding applications stop working permanently.

Drive for the desktop is the new application that comes to replace Backup and Synchronization and Drive File Stream, aimed at both private users and business users, respectively, getting the best of both in the same application.

The strategy of unifying both applications into one became known earlier this year, initially reaching a few users before being now generally available to all.

In fact, Drive for the desktop is basically based on Drive File Stream.

Present for Windows and Mac platforms, users will be able to have all their files backed up and synchronized from any device they use, including those that are stored locally, being able to access the latest versions of them in case of submitting them to collaborative editing with other users.

Google specifies that Drive for the desktop will allow the uploading and synchronization of files to Google Photos and / or Google Drive, it will also allow the synchronization of files that are available on external devices (flash drives, external hard drives, etc.) to the cloud, as well as offering quick access to the files available in Drive on the desktop.

The search giant It also promises to offer new features in Drive for the desktop in the coming weeks., so it will be interesting to know what these new benefits will be, which we will get to know in due course.

In this way, Google optimizes its efforts for those who prefer to use desktop applications rather than the web version or the mobile applications of Drive in their respective productivity flows.

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