Drift DR275 Pro, classic but above average chair

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The large price differences between some chair models are explained in the details, so although two options may seem similar to you at first glance, from their manufacturing materials to their adjustment facilities is what allows them to stand out in the market. This is how models of the caliber of Drift DR275 Pro they manage to put themselves on the front page of the catalog.

Drift DR275 Pro is a high-end “gamer” chair which promises to have everything you need to rest in the ideal position while you play throughout the day as well as work or carry out other types of professional activities in front of your monitor. Its support for up to 150 kilograms as well as a 4D armrest and a free inclination of up to 135º These are some of its most notable specifications.

Features of Drift DR275 Pro

Drift DR275 Pro
Official site Drift
Dimensions 140x66x67cm
Weight 19.7 kilograms
Colors Black
Lock function Yeah
Piston Gas class 4
Armrest 4D (adjustable in height, width and depth, can also be rotated)
Maximum load 150 kilograms
Materials Fabric and FOM cushioning
Wheels 5 68mm nylon wheels
Tilt capacity Up to 135º

Soft and breathable surface

Drift DR275 PRO

Drift DR275 PRO official dimensions

Starting with what is appreciated on an aesthetic level, this model does not fall into the eccentricities of other chairs on the market that seek to attract the attention of a young audience with various colors or unusual patterns, so If you are interested in being sober, you will appreciate the use of a black and dark gray tone. throughout its entire structure.

Drift DR275 Pro is made from fabric in its main contact area with your skin, more precisely covered with an ultra-soft fabric that is intended to achieve excellent breathability so that you can continue using it during the hottest months of the year without losing the feeling of comfort.

Likewise, this model has velvet finishes on its sides, as well as a padded FOAM filling of optimal thickness inside so that no part of your body remains sore after many hours of continuous playing. Thanks to the fact that its upholstery is of high quality, it promises to avoid possible deformations that may occur with daily use.

More solidity in its construction

Drift DR275 PRO

Drift DR275 PRO allows you to recline and adjust its height

As we indicated previously, one of the reasons why you can opt for this model is its superior structure to most chairs in stores, enhanced by a Long-lasting class 4 gas piston that helps you achieve support of up to 150 kilos of maximum weight.

Drift DR275 Pro is logically up there with a layout of five wheels with which you can move silently on any type of smooth surface. Basically, they are wheels made of nylon materials with a diameter of 60 mm that achieve considerable durability over time without much need for maintenance.

Finally, You will see a distinctive detail in the choice of a 4D armrest, That is to say, they have maximum freedom so you can adjust them in any direction, adjust them in height, lateral angle, as well as to the right or left or tilt them forward or backward.

Freedom of movement

Drift DR275 PRO

Drift DR275 PRO allows you to balance your body

If mentioning that about its armrest does not seem enough to you, on its backrest you will not only have a larger surface for those people with a robust physical build, but also a smooth finish without holes that It is compatible with a recline of between 90º and up to 135ºso you can even relax in your free time.

Drift DR275 Pro does not keep only this advantage and adds a double action mechanism with an integrated rocking function, element that allows the weight of the body to be distributed evenly, allowing you to maintain good posture throughout the day without needing to be aware of it.

To conclude, in comparison with other creations of the brand, a clear leap in quality can be established with respect to Drift DR35because in your case you will have support for 50 kilograms less than admitted weight as well as a fixed armrest with which you will have more limited movement. Can you pay a little more money? Trust that the protagonist of this analysis is much more worth it.

Drift DR275 Pro availability and price

Can buy the Drift DR275 Pro chair through MediaMarkt with a quite competitive price as well as through Amazon with international shipping available.

  • Support enough maximum weight
  • 4D armrest for great positioning freedom
  • Soft and breathable fabric surface
  • Integrated mechanism with balancing capability
  • No other colors available
  • Does not include cervical or back cushions
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