Dragon Ball Z Kai is coming to streaming soon and the latest from Akira Toriyama is now available

dragon ball z kai is coming to streaming soon and the latest from akira toriyama is now available
dragon ball z kai is coming to streaming soon and the latest from akira toriyama is now available

The world still mourns the loss of Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, but his fans now have a new opportunity to celebrate his legacy. This is the streaming premiere in Spain of the latest series based on one of his works, which arrives suddenly as a way to pay tribute to the artist who has inspired millions of artists. In addition, the streaming platform that will premiere the popular Dragon Ball Z Kai is announced.

The tributes to the person who wrote some of the most important moments of our childhood continue. The whole world is celebrating Akira Toriyama’s career and we can’t think of a better way to do it than enjoying one of his new works. This has just arrived on Disney+ so you can enjoy it with voices in Japanese or English and with subtitles in different languages, including Spanish.

You can now see Sand Land

In addition to several Dragon Ball news that have been published in the last few hours, Toriyama fans are in luck due to the availability of the first episodes of Sand Land . This anime, which has hit the Disney streaming platform hard, is the author’s latest series. He has been working on it in recent months in which his characters have been seen frequently in Japanese territory.

Sand Land takes us to a world in which water has become a precious resource, especially because the few reserves that survive have increasingly higher costs. The situation is so critical that the sheriff has to resort to asking the demons of the region for help. This is how the story of Beelzebub begins , the particular pink-skinned demon that stars in the series.

For now there are seven episodes available, after which more chapters will be added at a rate of one per week. The reason why Disney+ has released this entire initial batch of episodes at the same time is because among them they are a reinterpretation of the Sand Land movie that premiered months ago in Japan . Therefore, although for Spaniards it is new content, Japanese fans will only find some additional scenes compared to what they have already seen.

Furthermore, there is another good reason: with one chapter a week, the broadcast period will coincide with the launch of the official video game that will arrive at the end of April. In total, the series will have 13 episodes and will allow us to see, beyond what is seen in the film, more adventures starring the characters. If the anime is popular and the game also obtains good results on PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles with Steam, it would not be surprising if it received continuity. Today, at least, it is a good way to see that Akira Toriyama is on everyone’s lips.

Dragon Ball is at the highest level

It has been a last few hours full of emotions for the author’s fans, given that not only has Sand Land arrived on Disney+, but many news related to Dragon Ball have also been revealed. We know, now, that Goku’s adventures in the Dragon Ball Super manga only take a break until the month of May. There was some concern among fans, given that Toriyama will no longer be present and, therefore, all responsibility for the script will remain in the hands of Toyotaro, the author who has been drawing the series for a long time. But it seems that everything will be fine.

On the other hand, the license for the Spanish market of animes that were being highly desired, such as the recent movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, has also been announced. This means that it will finally arrive in physical format and will presumably have the audio repaired compared to what was seen on Crunchyroll. In addition, it has been announced that Dragon Ball Z Kai will also have a physical edition anime and that it will be available on the AnimeBox streaming service . This is important and the closest thing to a megaton if we talk about the Goku universe, especially if they make an effort and offer the series with a wide variety of audio tracks (Spanish, Catalan and other options).

And, to complete the news day, new materials from the Dragon Ball: Sparking video game have also been shown! Zero, which confirms that Akira Toriyama has left a spectacular legacy . Fans of Goku, Vegeta and company will have fun and news to continue enjoying for years.


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