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Download Super Mario Run for iOS for free and join the Mario Bros. Day celebration!

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March 10 was a very special day for video game lovers, as Mario Bros Day was celebrated, the iconic Nintendo character who has entertained millions of people around the world since his first appearance in 1981.

This year, iPhone gamers can celebrate Mario Day in a special way with a unique retro track in Mario Kart Tour and other exciting surprises. Join the celebration and have fun with Mario on your mobile device!

The story behind Mario Bros. Day

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Mario Day is celebrated annually on March 10th in honor of the release of one of the most popular and acclaimed games in the Mario series, Super Mario Bros 3, in Japan in 1990. Since then, the date has become an iconic day for Mario fans around the world, and Nintendo celebrates it with special events and releases.

If you’re a Mario fan, be sure to keep an eye out for the Mario Day celebrations each year and don’t miss out on any of the exciting surprises Nintendo has in store for you.

The celebration of Mario Bros Day on iPhone.

Celebrate Mario Day in style this year by downloading the latest Mario Kart Tour update on your iPhone! This update includes a unique retro track called “DS Mario Circuit”, which is an updated version of a classic track from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game.

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In addition to the new track, players can also enjoy a series of Mario-themed challenges and rewards, such as items and characters from the series that can be unlocked by completing certain missions. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to join the Mario Day celebration and immerse yourself in the world of Mario on your mobile device!

Download free Mario for iPhone and iPad.

If you don’t have it yet, you can download it for free. Mario Kart Tour on iPhone and iPad, although the game includes in-app purchases. you can also download Super Mario Run for iOS in the App Store.

Do you want to continue celebrating Mario Day on your iPhone? No problem! Mario Kart Tour is currently in its eighth season, featuring drivers in an 8-bit graphic style. Additionally, the latest update to the game includes a feature that allows users to play one stage for free each day, even if they haven’t purchased the full game, as long as they have a linked Nintendo account.

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If you prefer another type of game, you can also download Super Mario Run or Dr. Mario World for free from the App Store. You can even enjoy classic Mario games by downloading iPhone emulators. Don’t miss the opportunity to continue celebrating Mario Day on your mobile device and have fun with Mario and his friends anytime, anywhere!

Other surprises of the day of Mario Bros.

Great news for Mario fans! Nintendo has announced that it will open up its mostly paid-for game Super Mario Run to promote the release of The Super Mario Bros. movie that will hit theaters on April 5, 2023. Although the exact nature has yet to be confirmed. of this promotion, it is speculated that it could include discounts on the game or the availability of movie-themed content.

Also, to celebrate Mario Day, Nintendo has made some Super Mario Run levels available for free. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enjoy the world of Mario at no cost.

And that’s not all, there’s a limited purchase event in the in-game store offering Mario-themed items for a limited time. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and celebrate Mario Day in style in Super Mario Run!

The importance of Mario Bros in popular culture.

Mario is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and recognizable characters in popular culture. Since his first appearance in 1981, he has starred in more than 200 games and sold more than 600 million copies worldwide, making it the most successful video game franchise in history.

In addition to his success in video games, Mario has significantly influenced popular culture and has introduced many innovations and concepts to the video game industry, such as the life system, power-ups, and secret levels.

But Mario isn’t just limited to video games. He has also been a popular character in other media, including television, movies, and comics. Although the live-action movie based on the Mario series released in 1993 was not well received by critics, Mario has appeared in various TV shows, such as an 1980s animated series and a Japanese variety show called “GameCenter. CX”.

The future of Mario and video games.

The evolution of technology has created many exciting possibilities for the Mario franchise and video games in general. Virtual and augmented reality are two technologies that could change the way Mario games are played in the future.

Recent examples of these possibilities include the release of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which allows players to create race tracks in their own homes using radio-controlled toys, and the Mario theme park Super Nintendo World, opening in Japan in 2021. In the park, visitors can enjoy rides based on classic Mario games and interact with characters from the series.

Mario Day is a very important date for video game fans and an opportunity to celebrate the iconic Nintendo character who has entertained several generations of gamers. It’s exciting to think about what the future holds for the franchise and for players around the world.

In addition to Apple, many other companies also joined the Mario Day celebration, including Google, Universal Studios, Target, Build-a-Bear Workshop, Hot Topic, Macy’s, LEGO, Kellogg’s, Telcel, among others. Mario’s celebration is truly global and exciting!

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