Download repair manuals for your iPhone and more

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48125 93981 000 lead repair manuals xl.jpg

At some time, in your time using your iPhone, you have come across a problem on the device that you have tried to solve or if you are a specialist, you have wanted to help yourself with a manual for this task. It is also possible that it is only curious to know the interior. Now with the new repair program users can enjoy Apple manuals on their devices.

Repair manuals for iPhone

The arrival of Apple’s Self-Service Repair program It offers plenty of tools and training so you can properly troubleshoot your iPhone in case of an emergency. However, this will also give an indication to all users of the complexity of repairing these devices.

This it also does not exclude you as a consumer from wanting to try to repair your own device. One of the advantages, even if you don’t want to take the time or complexity of repairing it yourself, is knowing the price of the original parts and knowing what you are paying for each repair.

It is known what the leaders think about the right to repair, so Apple in this regard has had to take a step forward. Now out of necessity or just to learn, users can increase training on the design and repair of these devices, since the technology designed for the iPhone will be at your complete disposal.

What types of documents will we have from iPhone?

The company has decided to release two types of documents. If you want to access them, you can do it online. In case you also require it, you can access and download these in PDF format.

Apple has thought of everything to make this more comfortable and efficient. If you do it online from the Safari browser, you can take a closer look at the document download buttons and controls.

Repairs for your iPhone

Throughout this process, Apple has started on the right foot and with all the promotion possible for this service. This may force another type of right to repair in the future, but for now it is an excellent step for the company.

This self-service model for repairs perhaps bother official distributors of the company, In any case, they are not easy repairs, nor are the tools you need cheap, so it may not be worthwhile for street users.

Due to these situations, Apple has decided in its first released document to mention and strongly emphasize the importance of going to Apple Stores for any kind of repair. The company stresses the importance of professional repairs, which are much safer and more reliable for users and their devices.

The company is fully aware that users attempt to perform their own repairs, so mentions that it is better when there are qualified professionals manage your device. Especially since they have official tools, all the materials and the best training to carry out this task without the slightest problem.

While it is important that Apple highly values ​​its resellers, the output of these manuals is just one more item in the range of guides available. Therefore, this service is only a training to delve deeper into the services and for the user to know in depth how their repair is carried out.

repair manuals

In Apple repair stores we can find directly a link featured for Apple manual download.

Any link, whether live or in the online Apple Store, takes you directly to these files where all Apple manuals are located. It should be noted that this list with files is not exclusive to iPhone. Among the 130 files, you will find all kinds of manualsfrom the most basic for the Mac Studio, to the total repair of the iPhone 13 Pro.

Of course, among those focused on Mac at the moment they are the most basic and common, while the repair ones are focused on iPhones. With a total of nine such manuals:

  • iPhone 12: This includes the mini, Pro, Pro Max version.
  • iPhone 13: includes mini, Pro, Pro Max version.
  • The versions of iPhone SE includes only for third generation.

The documents, in addition to being divided into models, include specific and short descriptions of each model. Also what has already been mentioned about the choice of professional repairs. After all the introduction, the manual with repair procedures is presented as such, as well as small tutorials to carry out said repairs. From the basics of a battery change to screen changes, among others.

The instructions are fully detailed step by step so that the repairs are carried out correctly at the request of the user. By itself, each of the instructions and steps are accompanied by images that help the user to carry out this mission.

Don’t be easily scared by manuals, they do not become really complex if you take patience with them, in addition to having around 80 pages for greater security.