Download macOS Big Sur and Monterey wallpapers in 6K

monterey 1 1000x600.jpg
monterey 1 1000x600.jpg

Yesteryear, wallpapers and desktop customization in general, it was a popular topic among PC users. Yesteryear. As of today it does not generate much interest, because everything has improved a lot: it does not matter if you use Windows, Mac or almost any Linux distribution prepared for the desktop, because everything looks attractive from the beginning.

The same thing happens with wallpapers: even though the system sets you by default funds as ugly as those that Ubuntu or Windows 10 brings, changing them to ones that you like is a matter of a couple of clicks without even opening the web browser, because the Most systems already have a careful selection of images, or have some mechanism with which to download almost automatically all the images you want. And if you don’t settle for that, then you can go out and find something else.

So, the issue of wallpapers has gone a bit out of fashion. With exceptions. There are, for example, the horrible wallpapers of Windows 11, of which nobody will remember from here to anything because, saving the landscapes, typical to the extreme, if they remind something is the anodyne mobile wallpapers that the manufacturers add with the supposed intention to surprise with a design that… Let’s run a thick veil.

Another exception is macOS, but only the last couple of versions, Big Sur and the next Monterey. The previous ones had beautiful wallpapers, but with more or less typical landscapes. If they were surprised by something, it was by the retouching of these images to adapt them to the night time schedule or the dark theme, as of macOS 10.14 Mojave. The Big Sur thing, however, was a change not seen since the days of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and before.

MacOS wallpapers - BigSur

The macOS Big Sur wallpaper is already a classic

Nor is it that the well-regarded Apple designers invented anything, but they knew how to nuance a design trend towards combinations of warm color gradients and pastel shades With which, once again – this must be recognized by the company on the block – they managed to cross the borders of their home to, worth the redundancy, set a trend.

It still lasts, but it was especially intense in the months after Big Sur’s announcement: it doesn’t matter if you looked towards Linux distributions – an impregnable bulwark of desktop customization, even though everything has been greatly relaxed since yesteryear– or to Android, where the theme of customization is still in force, because there was the Big Sur wallpaper giving the note.

Total, if you want to download the macOS Big Sur wallpaper, but also macOS Monterey wallpaper, also in brutal 6K resolution, you can do it with the following links (eye: direct download, weight according to the image from 4 to 21 MB):

  • macOS Big Sur clear
  • macOS Big Sur dark
  • macOS Monterey clear
  • macOS Monterey dark

And if you want to complete the collection and download all the history of default wallpapers of the Apple operating system, you have it in 512 pixels.