Doogee V30 is expected to be the first rugged smartphone to support eSIM feature

Doogee V30 is expected to be the first rugged smartphone to support eSIM feature


Known for launching high quality devices, Doogee announced that soon the Doogee V30 will hit the market with support for eSIM technology. According to the manufacturer, this is unprecedented in the robust smartphone market.

Furthermore, the company says that the use of the traditional SIM chip is becoming more and more unnecessary, as the eSIM technology has become much more convenient.

The Doogee V30’s eSIM feature is perfect for those who travel a lot, as all you have to do is scan a carrier QR code and do a few processes to enjoy a new line.

This can also eliminate the bureaucratic process of having to go to an operator’s physical store, since all this step by step can be done online.

The advantages of eSIM are quite evident, as this is an easy and inexpensive way to switch carriers. It even eradicates possible problems with the SIM chip and brings savings on transfer cost.

eSIM also allows you to use a local SIM every time you travel instead of expensive roaming services. These perks are enough to lessen the anxiety of traveling to a new place a bit.

The adoption of eSIM also helps to reduce the use of plastic, which is currently used to produce physical chips.

Speaking a little more about the Doogee V30, the robust smartphone should have a back covered in eco-leather to bring comfort and aesthetic beauty. In addition, the finish on the sides was inspired by the grain of wood.

New details of the V30 will be revealed soon, but Doogee is already running a promotional action where you can leave comments and win prizes, such as the D11 watch or a US$ 50 coupon to buy the V30. Come check it out now!


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