Don’t waste money buying an iPhone 15 from resellers, there are better alternatives

Do you want to buy the iPhone 15 and have you found that it is out of stock? It’s probably because you’re interested in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, because it’s flying like hotcakes. In that case, you may have considered using a reseller to ensure you have your mobile as soon as possible. However, you shouldn’t do it. Next, we are going to give you some ideas and explain a little about what is going on with resellers.

Some of the new iPhone 15s have sold out. But don’t think that Apple fans are responsible, since a large part of the responsibility lies with resellers. These people, who increasingly put technology lovers in more trouble, tend to appear whenever new fashionable devices are marketed. With the iPhone 15 in its most advanced model they have been unstoppable.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max problem

If there is a reason why this model has sold out quickly, it is because Apple has produced many fewer units than the other versions of its new generation smartphone. The reason for this has been the presence in the device of your new camera sensor, which the apple company had not been able to mass produce and was having serious problems on the assembly line. Incomplete iPhone 15 Pro Max were piling up in their factories, with all the parts ready except for the camera in question. This has caused the available units to be fewer and, in combination with the bots used by resellers, to sell out quickly.

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They say from Apple that they have already solved the production chain problem, although we should not trust that units of the 15 Pro Max will begin to appear from under the stones. In any case, there is no doubt that it would be ideal, since the business margin of resellers would be greatly reduced.

Would you pay 300 euros more to have it now?

That is the average that resellers are setting to sell you the mobile phone because you cannot get it any other way. Of course, pay that money, It’s not a good idea. Not only because the iPhone is already expensive in itself, but also because, in addition, you are only fueling the resellers, better known as “scalpers” in English, to continue having fun. And the problem, as we said before, is that it is already becoming something common that does not even only affect technology. It happened with the PlayStation 5 console and is also happening frequently with tickets to concerts and shows. They argue it as “supply and demand”, so, in the end, part of the responsibility lies with the consumer for ending up jumping through hoops.

With the iPhone 15 Pro Max, you will think that perhaps a profit of 300 euros is not worth the hassle that the reseller has to face. But we discovered, according to the Kasada website, that some resellers bought 2,500 units suddenly on launch day. We are not going to do the calculation of what a commission of 300 euros (or dollars, but for that matter, there is little difference) means, because we would end up very dizzy. And yes, you might think, “But what if they don’t sell them?” The problem here is that Apple provides a 14-day return period, so if they haven’t sold them before that time arrives, all they have to do is return them. Without further ado.

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For all these reasons, buying from resellers should not be considered an option, especially since doing so is only encouraging that type of business even more. It is true that, right now, trying to buy an iPhone 15 Pro Max is an impossible mission. From the Apple Spain website it is indicated that there is a waiting period of between 6 and 7 weeks, which is quite annoying, but for us it is the best alternative. In addition, it is possible that the apple company lives up to its statements about how it is improving the assembly line and that, in the end, the shipment of orders placed at this time will be carried out in a shorter period of time. After all, we are approaching the end of the year in a dangerous way and Apple will not want users to have to resort to resellers during Christmas.

But if all this seems like too much hassle, both waiting and having to see if Apple solves its problems, what you can do is end up resorting to terminals from other brands. Because the latest Xiaomi that have been put on sale are the most interesting and you will not have to suffer so much with them. Also, remember that a few hours ago the new Samsung Galaxy that will arrive in January was also leaked, and it looks like it is going to hit the stores with success. It will be by options!