Don’t understand what they say in a YouTube video? Fix it with transcripts

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There’s no denying that YouTube has been one of the greatest gifts of all time to the self-taught. Whether you want to learn to play the violin or fix a blind in your house, there are plenty of videos to help you. But you do not always understand what is said in them. We tell you how to solve this. This is possible to achieve thanks to a function that exists on YouTube and that is called Transcription. With it, you can read what is said in the video, so it will be possible for you to follow instructions without problems no matter how badly the protagonist speaks. You will see that it is very easy to activate it. How to see the transcript by watching YouTube in the browser The first thing you have to do is open the YouTube page and select the video of which you want to obtain a transcript. There, you must select the icon that has three horizontal dots. When doing so, you must choose the option called Show Transcript among the ones that you will see. Congratulations, you’ve now unlocked a transcript! While reading the YouTube transcript, you can jump to the part of the video from which the text is generated by clicking on it, which is quite handy. Some content has the option to change the language of the transcript, which you can do by tapping the down arrow next to the language. You can also find the option to turn low time stamps on or off next to the icon with three dots. Activate the transcription on the mobile phone If you usually use the YouTube application from your Android or iPhone, instead of from your computer, you should know that the transcription of a video is very easy to display. Do the following: Open YouTube and select the video for which you want to get the text. Below the title, tap on the option called and more to open the description. Scroll down until you see a button labeled Show Transcript. In-app transcripts work the same way as in-browser, although you can’t turn timestamps off. If the transcript is available in another language, you can change it through the menu under the icon with three vertical dots. The transcription feature on YouTube is a valuable tool for those who prefer to read rather than watch videos – or who need quick access to a specific piece of content. With this feature, you can follow the content step by step and perform quick searches within the text. Also, by having access to the transcript, you don’t have to rely on a stable internet connection to play the content, which can be useful in situations where connectivity is limited. Remember one thing: not all YouTube videos will have transcripts available, as this depends on whether or not the content creator provided one when uploading the file in question. >

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