Don't they let you go from Play Music to YouTube Music? So you can ask Google

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We have been several days with the news that Google already allows you to transfer the entire music library that we have in Play Music to what will be its official future application, YouTube Music, but the truth is that many users are still waiting for Mountain View to send them the notice with the possibility of doing it through the platform itself.

So we entered YouTube Music (“Library” tab) one day, and another, and another, and we found ourselves as at the beginning: without a trace that at the end we have the opportunity to enjoy all our music in the palm of our hands without need to go find it on an online platform. However, Do you know there is a way to ask google to please let us transfer our songs, albums, playlist, etc. from side to side?

A form to enrol

Unlike other procedures in which Google advises that it releases an update for an app and with the passage of hours, or days, it spreads throughout all the territories to be available worldwide, This migration of hundreds of millions of songs seems more complex to us. That is why the Americans must be restricting access to this migration to many, many accounts, while a small number of them are granting permissions with droppers.

Form to request the transition from Play Music to YouTube Music.

Perhaps, in order to prioritize the ones that are really being used the most, Google has published a simple form in which we can register to tell the company that we are very, very, very interested in activating that possibility of transferring the Play Music account to the YouTube Music account. You just have to access this link, write the email of the account where we have our music library and then specify the country.

On the Google page they warn us that “if you do not have access to the tool yet, you can request prior access to this tool filling in your details below. “Of course, you should bear in mind that filling out this form does not” guarantee earlier access to the tool. If the tool is available (…) you will receive a notification in your Google Play Music application (or YouTube Music) and in your email. ”

As we say, filling it out does not guarantee that we will have that early access, but the same, if Google receives many requests from the same country, they could speed up that process. So stay tuned to your Gmail tray for any news.