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Don’t miss out on QNAP’s free eBook for data storage

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Today, saving text documents, spreadsheets or images are common tasks in any company. Almost without realizing it, we generate digital files that need to be constantly stored safely in order to later locate, safeguard or simply use them. But Do we know how to store them properly? Do we have a digitization strategy for our company or that of our clients?

In the free and open access ebookstorage for your business: Guide to solutions for digitization” we want to review what are the challenges and opportunities that exist in the business storage environment. In addition, we propose a guide to solutions for the digitization of businesses with the help of QNAP.

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You just have to look at the data to understand the importance of correct data management is the best strategy for any company. This is how 72% of the companies that will bet on the cloud for their information digitization see it. How they will do it or what are the most appropriate tools to address this migration is the big question that partners must answer with the help of this e-book.

However, there are many challenges ahead: security, hybrid work, collaboration between workers or suppliers, or accessibility are some of the most relevant. And it is that only 3% of SMEs consider that they have sufficient digital skills, so the opportunity is served.

QNAP eBook

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More information | Ebook «Storage for your business: Guide to solutions for digitization»

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