Don’t know where you left your cell phone at home? Alexa helps you find it

don't know where you left your cell phone at home alexa helps you find it
don't know where you left your cell phone at home alexa helps you find it

Surely you have gone to get your cell phone at home more than once and haven’t found it. No matter how much you think, you don’t know where you left it, and no matter how much you search, you can’t find it. In the end, you ask someone else to call you in the hope that you will have it ring, it will ring, and you will finally be able to find it. All this is a thing of the past, since, if you have an Alexa device , you can do it with a single voice command.

Alexa is useful for much more than asking you the time, the weather, or where our Amazon package is. If we use our imagination, we can take advantage of all the potential that this personal assistant offers for things that, on more than one occasion, will be useful to us.

Have Alexa find your phone

In order to use this function, the first thing we must do is  activate Alexa’s communication functions . To do this, from the assistant app, installed on our Android or iOS, what we will do is enter the device settings, and go to the “Communications” section.

First of all, we will have to verify the information on our mobile phone so that Alexa can use it to make calls and to send messages and SMS. We can also, if we want, take the opportunity to import our contact list and be able to make calls much faster by saying the contact’s name.

After activating everything, verifying, and giving it all the permissions it asks for, our Alexa assistant will be ready to start making calls. Therefore, all we have to do to test it is hide our mobile phone and ask Alexa to search for it with an expression like “Alexa, find my phone” or “Alexa, make a call to my phone”, for example.

Other ways to find your lost cell phone

The Alexa function serves its purpose, but it is not perfect. For example, if we have our cell phone on vibrate, it will not ring, so we will have to look for it trying to listen to this vibration. And, if it is silent, we can forget about it completely, since it will not ring.

In this case, if we cannot find the phone with Alexa, we can resort to other techniques. For example, if we have a smart watch, we can surely make it ring from the watch, even if it is silent. These wearables usually include a function to find the phone, which sends an emergency signal to the device so that it starts ringing. This usually makes the phone ring even if it is silent, so it is another alternative. Of course, as long as we have a smartwatch.

On the other hand, if we start to worry because we can’t find it in any way, then we can use other functions, such as ” Find my Phone ” in the case of iPhone, or ” Find my phone ” on Android phones. We simply connect from the PC, or from another mobile phone, and try to locate it using these tools. From them, in addition to making it ring remotely, we will be able to know where it is thanks to its approximate location.


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