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Don’t be surprised by the rain: how to use your Amazfit smartwatch as a weather station

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The family of amazfit smartwatch It has become one of the best options if you want to buy a cheap and powerful smart watch. The truth is that its range of wearables boasts a quality-price ratio that is very difficult to beat. And seeing the functions they offer, the truth is that your purchase is a great success.

To begin with, in addition to having more than enough features, including all kinds of sensors so you can measure your physical activity with great precision, one of the main benefits of Amazfit smart watches has to do with their great autonomy.

Get more out of your Amazfit watch with this trick

In addition, they have a simple and intuitive interface, a great capacity for customization thanks to the community behind this family of products creating personalized dials, and some functions that will allow you to get the most out of your watch. especially if you know the best Amazfit tricks.

We have already told you how you can use your smartwatch to unlock your phone, or even to find your mobile if you have lost it at home. Today we are going to show you how you can control the weather from your Amazfit watch.

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How to see the weather forecast on an Amazfit smartwatch

We have told you before that the Amazfit family of smartwatches are perfect for practicing sports since they have all kinds of sensors with which to monitor every last step you take.

But there is nothing worse than planning a trekking route and seeing that it is raining just when you are going to go out. If you want to be proactive, know that you can view the weather forecast directly through your Amazfit smartwatch.

In addition, the process you must follow is extremely simple, so we invite you to try this option.

  • First, open the Amazfit app on your mobile
  • Click on Profile
  • Click on the name of your smart watch.
  • Click on the Weather Settings option.
  • Tap on City
  • Select Get location automatically to find out the weather in your area, or choose a place manually if you want to find another city.

If you have followed all the steps correctly, you will see that from now on the main screen of the clock you will be able to see the weather forecast in the city you have chosen or in which you are A very simple trick to perform so that every morning you can know just by looking at the clock if you have to take the umbrella or you are going to enjoy a sunny day.


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