Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been reinstated. He hasn’t used it again, but he gained millions of followers


Yesterday, the Twitter account of the former US president, Donald Trump, was restored, reversing the veto that was applied to him on the platform in 2021, after the noisy incidents that occurred in the United States Capitol, on the verge of the certification of victory. of the current president, Joe Biden, about which his predecessor accused fraud.

This decision was informed by Elon Musk, after conducting a survey on the social network, imposing the option in favor of the restitution of Trump’s account by a narrow margin.

Trump’s account returned to Twitter, but he hasn’t used it again

During this weekend, the poll of Elon Musk on the then eventual reinstatement of Trump’s account, brought together more than 15 million voters. Faced with the consultation, he won the “yes”, with 51.8% of the preferences.

“The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated. Vox Populi, Vox Dei”, tweeted Musk, citing a Latin phrase that translates as “the voice of the people, the voice of God”. Moments later, Trump’s account, which was previously listed as suspended, reappeared on the platform with a large part of his previous tweets, more than 59,000 of them.

Several of the messages published by the former US president appear accompanied by a notification of fact-checkingobjected to the lack of evidence on the electoral fraud that he alleged in 2021. Other messages, such as the viral “stop the count” (stop counting, in English), they no longer appear among your posts.

Initially, Trump’s account reappeared with fewer followers than it had before his suspension. However, as his reinstatement became known, he amassed a huge wave of new followers, which to date exceeds 87 million.

It should be remembered that Musk had previously reported that Twitter would establish new procedures to deal with these cases, including the establishment of a “content moderation council”, before making decisions to restore suspended accounts. However, so far there have been no announcements in this regard, in the midst of a personnel crisis of great considerations, marked by a massive exodus of workers, between dismissals and resignations.

This determination by Musk comes less than a month after taking control of Twitter and four days after Trump announced his candidacy for the upcoming 2024 US presidential election.

Donald Trump was not oblivious to this episode. Through a video speech, delivered during a meeting of his party, he pointed that he was aware of the Musk poll, but that he saw “lots of problems on Twitter”. “I heard we’re getting a big vote to get back on Twitter as well. I don’t see it because I have no reason to.”Trump said. “I may make it, I may not”he added.

The controversial figure of Donald Trump today unleashes passions among his adherents and detractors, a fact that became evident after this episode, becoming one of the most discussed topics on the platform, also having repercussions in the press during the last day.

It’s unclear if Trump really has any intentions of using Twitter again. Although, before he was an inveterate tweeter without filters, today he concentrates an important part of his activity on TruthSocial, a platform that he launched shortly after being expelled from Twitter and that, until now, has limited its reach only to the United States. At the moment, there are no new posts from him in his reinstated account.

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