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Donald Trump prepares revenge against Twitter, Google and Facebook: a decree is coming

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Donald Trump's counter-offensive against social networks continues, after the label affixed by Twitter to his tweet. According to Reuters reports, today the President is expected to sign an executive order that will revise a law that protected Twitter, Facebook and Google.

The news agency says the three companies will be responsible for posts posted by users. Reuters got to get their hands on a draft of the measure, which could even change before Trump's signature. The White House has not officially confirmed the rumors, but some officials close to Trump have said that the official should arrive today.

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The executive order will require the Federal Communication Commission to review and clarify Article 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a federal law that exempts online platforms from any legal liability for user posts. The direct consequence will lead to an increase in lawsuits against tech companies like Twitter and Facebook.

The FCC will also also need to check if a given social platform uses deceptive moderation policies of content, an aspect that infuriated Donald Trump against Twitter yesterday, as he thinks he has hampered the debate and interfered in the presidential election.

The decree will also require the Attorney General to set up a working group including State Attorneys who will supervise the application of state laws that prohibit platforms from committing unjust or worse deceitful acts. It is also planned to create user checklists based on their interactions with content and other users.

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