Does your head hurt from ambient noise? The new app and Samsung headphones will help you

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816928885 238378931 1706x960.jpg

Samsung has launched a new app for people with hyperacusis, auditory hypersensitivity.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are probably the best wireless earbuds for Android, at least for most users; Their main asset is the large amount of technology they pack into a small format, and they sound good. Although there are better headphones in some aspects (such as sound quality, design or noise cancellation), few achieve this balance.

Best of all, these headphones seem future-proof, as Samsung has been improving them with updates. The last one is perhaps the most interesting, because it focuses on helping a sector of users that is normally left to their own devices: people who suffer from hyperacusis.

Hyperacuse, or auditory hypersensitivity, is a disease that affects the ears and reduces the threshold of tolerance to environmental sounds. People who suffer from them are especially sensitive to environmental sounds which most people are completely unaware of; Depending on the severity of each case, it is possible to even suffer pain from the noises that surround us daily.

What’s new from Samsung

The new Unnoise app launched today by Samsung can be a great help for people suffering from these symptoms, aggravated by the noise pollution of modern cities. Using Samsung’s advanced algorithms, this app is capable of adjust the level of external noise automatically, and according to our preferences, just by wearing the headphones.

Unnoise has been designed with the endorsement of the Spanish Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (SEORL), with the aim of automatically reducing the noises that users suffer on a daily basis. To do this, the app is capable of ‘listening’ to our surroundings using the microphones integrated into the headphones, and attenuate the noise that reaches our ears; The concept is similar to noise cancellation, with the difference that this technology does not eliminate all sounds to prevent them from affecting music playback, it only covers them depending on the person’s sensitivity level.

The Unnoise app with the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

The app has two different modes. Outside sound mode protects from outside sounds; When the app detects sound levels that exceed the set level for several seconds, it automatically activates noise cancellation, which deactivates itself when the levels return to acceptable levels. The second mode is conversation, which filters external noises but lets voices throughallowing the user to continue talking to another person with the headphones on.

At the moment, Unnoise is compatible only with the Galaxy Buds 2, and is available in Spain in both the Play Store and the Galaxy Store, for Android 10 or higher phones.

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