Does your Android keyboard not work? It’s okay, so you can fix it

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One of the things that can happen when using an Android device is that the on-screen keyboard doesn’t work as it should. We are going to show you how to solve this so that everything goes back to the way it was before with Gboard, which is the option most used by most users due to its excellent performance and that it is a free application. The most common errors that usually occur is incorrect recognition of the keystrokes and, even, that it does not appear when you have to enter text somewhere. The fact is that it is possible to take some measures, which do not include uninstalling the Android keyboard we are talking about, so that everything returns to normal. By the way, if you don’t have this app, you can download it for free at this link, if you do you will enjoy a number of options that are excellent and also fantastic customization. Fix the Gboard keyboard for Android There are two options that we are going to indicate and that, generally, are more than enough for the operation of Gboard for Android to stop giving problems. In both cases there is no danger to the terminal or to the application itself, so you should not be afraid to follow the instructions that you will see below: Delete the application cache This is the first thing you should try, and what it will do is Delete the temporary files created by the app, and in this way they are restored by new ones. There are no downstream issues as it’s just like restoring development. These are the steps you have to take: Go to the Settings of your terminal with the Android operating system and, there, use the section called Applications and notifications (or something similar). Now you must locate Gboard among everything you see on the screen. When doing so, click on the name and enter the app data. Look for the Storage button and use it and, now, you must choose Clear cache. Wait a few seconds for everything to complete. You’re done and, normally, the problems stop appearing. Disable other keyboards The second possibility is that one of the other keyboards you have on your Android phone or tablet is giving you problems. Therefore, it is best that you disable them to check if this is exactly what is happening to you. To do this, you have to do the following: Access the settings as usual, and then enter the section called System. Select Language and input (the name may be different, but it is always similar). Use Keyboard and, now, select the Manage keyboards section. Go disabling all the ones you see except Gboard. Once this is done, you are finished and, possibly, the problems you were having will definitely stop bothering you. >

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