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Does WhatsApp put you in danger? How you are at risk by submitting a simple link


Even the simplest things can put you at risk in WhatsApp. It sounds impossible, but a group of security researchers have shown that sharing links can put you at risk. As well? It’s all due to the preview.

Although WhatsApp features end-to-end encrypted chats, the preview of any link is generated by a server that can be used by an attacker to check the approximate location of his victim. Let’s remember that apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger They go to these servers that are capable of violating the privacy of users. They are not even notified of this practice.

The explanation is in the system of WhatsApp which, upon receiving a message with a link, opens the URL automatically to create the preview by revealing the phone’s IP address in the request sent to the server.

Another risk is the leakage of IP addresses, because all the addresses obtained by the preview are hosted on an external server. Not only WhatsApp uses this method, applications like Discord, Google Hangouts, Instagram, LINE, Slack or Twitter do it too.

WHATSAPP | Formats

WhatsApp offers a solution without the need to resort to third-party applications. There are five different fonts to customize the typography and thus make your texts read more easily: bold, italic, bold italic, strikethrough and monospaced.