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Does Tinder report screenshots?

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If you are a Tinder user, surely on more than one occasion you have felt the need to make a screenshot of the profile of a match you have made, so you can show it to your trusted friends. You may also have wanted to take a screenshot if you came across the profile of a well-known character or perhaps a co-worker.

At the moment Tinder has not shown interest in notifying the screenshots

Perhaps you have done it and then the doubt has entered your mind: Does Tinder notify the user that you have taken a screenshot of their profile? Perhaps when in doubt you have “cut” yourself and have decided not to do it and have ended up not showing your friends your meeting on Tinder. Well, we are going to get you out of doubt in a jiffy:

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No, the most popular dating and hookup app, does not notify the other user if you have taken a screenshot. This happens whether you see their profile among the mountain of proposals or if you have made a match, an essential requirement to start having a conversation unless you have paid to have the “Hot Match” option, which allows you to send a message to those people with which you have not matched. It is one of Tinder’s premium payment options.

Well, in neither of the two cases indicated above are the screenshots notified, whether what you do is copy some of their photos or take a screenshot of the text that you are exchanging in your “flirting” process.

So, on that side you can rest easy, at the moment Tinder does not warn of screenshots, and if it changed its policy, it would possibly announce it publicly and we would notify you in a news item on this website.

Keep in mind, however, that Tinder has a function that allows you to “ask a friend for an opinion” by sending them a profile of a person that we have met in the application. This functionality is included in some paid plans also for Tinder.

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