Does the cold affect the router? Does WiFi work better or worse?

does the cold affect the router? does wifi work better
does the cold affect the router? does wifi work better

cold wifi router

It is the perfect moment to know if weather conditions or the weather may be able to affect WiFi connections of the routers. Whether it is storms, rain, cold or heat, you may be interested in knowing if the WiFi really is worse or better depending on the weather conditions of that day.

Surely you have ever wondered if the WiFi connection is worse that day because it rains and it is cold, or because it is terribly hot. Well, let’s see in detail if weather affects Wi-Fi networkseither for better or for worse.

The cold and the router

Although there is less and less left until the end of winter, we still have many weeks of cold ahead of us. And with that, you may ask yourself the question: «Does the cold affect the router?«. Well, here the temperature of the device comes into play.

Like any device, it is designed to work optimally in specific circumstances, so it has a set temperature range. Once the minimum is exceeded or not reached, the performance of the device will be worse. The same happens with mobile devices, tablets, etc.

worst place to place home router

However, it is much easier to get the temperature up than it is to cool down a router. For this reason, heat will be the worst enemy. When the temperature exceeds 30-32 degrees, the performance of the equipment will be bad, so the intensity of the WiFi connections will be worse. And, not only this, but in the long run it could affect the internal components of the router. In any case, depending on the temperature, it can affect the wifi speed.

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What affects WiFi the most?

One of the first aspects that we must be clear about is that everything will depend on where the router is located and what WiFi connection we use. For example, if the router is inside our house, no matter how much it rains, snows, storms… it will not affect us. However, if we connect to a WiFi connection that, in between, is the street with these weather conditions, then we will notice a deterioration in the network.

The same happens with the mobile connection, since it is affected if the rain coat, fog, etc., is very dense. However, the factor that should worry us inside the house is the temperature. Basically, because it is one of the points that most affects our routers and, with it, the WiFi connection.


Therefore, we only have to worry about weather conditions from abroad when we use mobile networks or WiFi outside our building or home. For example, if we are in the garden or on the patio. Although, fiber or ADSL installation also comes into play here. It is not the first time that users see how the external wiring of the buildings have problems. So it is another point to take into account.

In that case, be clear that the worst thing for WiFi speed is rain. Undoubtedly, this weather condition, along with storms, greatly influence the connections. It is more than likely that you have noticed that, on rainy days or with bad weather, the Internet connection begins to run slowly. This is mainly due to external installation and not from your house. As for the hail, everything will depend on the size and intensity, just like snow. However, the wind will not affect the WiFi.

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