Does 5G consume more mobile battery?


5G technology is becoming popular and not only high-end smartphones have access to it, but all kinds of mobiles are beginning to arrive, even the cheapest phones on the market that already support 5G technology in many cases. However, the expansion of 5G It has been accompanied by several questions, such as when 5G technology was related to the coronavirus, something that was proven not to be true.

Companies like Samsung, Apple and T-Mobile have argued that it is better to use 4G if the user is concerned about the autonomy of the phone.

Another theory is that it consumes more battery than 4G technology. Some companies like Samsung, Apple and T-Mobile have pointed out that 5G consumes more battery than normal, but the arguments seem contradictory, since 5G was supposed to make faster data transfer and decrease network activity. .

At least that’s what was promised. However, the higher energy consumption, according to these companies, is due to the fact that there are non-independent 5G networks, that is, they route calls and messages through legacy 4G or 3G networks. So that connection to two different sources at the same time is what increases power consumption.

By contrast, standalone 5G does not suffer from any limitations as it does not rely on LTE. As expected, non-standalone 5G is a feasible option for many telecommunications companies because it is cheaper and that is where the problem with mobile autonomy arises. Unfortunately, the decisions of companies about the technology they will implement is something that cannot be controlled. So the inconvenience will continue to exist for years to come.

Likewise, despite the dark outlook, little by little things will improve. This thanks to the evolution of mobile phones, the first smartphones compatible with 5G used a discrete modem to enable the network, which triggered the energy consumption of the phones. Now, this inconvenience has been solved with the production of more efficient modems that take better advantage of the network.

However, one factor that does increase battery consumption in the terminal is poor network reception. If the 5G tower is far away, the mobile modem will work harder to process the signal. That extra work is reflected in less autonomy, which is problematic. The best thing in this case is to connect to the 4G network so as not to run out of energy.

In conclusion, battery consumption will depend on the type of 5G network to which the mobile is connected (not independent or independent). In addition, the hardware of the smartphone and the reception of the signal will also influence. Also, as time passes, the most logical thing to do is to hope that these difficulties disappear completely.

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