Do you want to save up to 70% on ink? HP Instant Ink service is all you need

el servicio hp instant ink es todo lo que necesitas 1000x600.jpg
el servicio hp instant ink es todo lo que necesitas 1000x600.jpg

Let’s be honest, we all like the idea of ​​saving money on ink, but we always know what we have to do to achieve it. Fortunately, the HP Instant Ink service has solved this problem forever, and has done it in the best possible way, since it is emerging as a solution within the reach of any pocket, comfortable and sustainable.

Before we jump in to see what HP Instant Ink service can do for us, and how it can help us save up to 70% on ink, let’s see what we had to do to save money on ink without resorting to this service. To better understand everything that we are going to see below, we must remember that, when we buy ink cartridges, we are acquiring a specific amount of ink that will allow us to print a certain number of pages.

Thus, for example, if we buy cartridges with a capacity of up to 700 pages, we will be able to print those pages fulfilling the conditions established in the tests of the cartridges that served to set that maximum. What does this mean? Well, very simple, that in reality the printing capacity of the cartridges will be much less if we cover the entire surface of the sheet, and will be drastically reduced when using color and high qualitysince we will consume much more ink.

Spending more ink is increasing the cost per page, and this means spending more money in the end. With this in mind, what could we do to save money on ink? Well, what many of us have been doing for more than 30 years, use the printer as little as possible and minimize the use of color. However, this is not a real solution, since we are giving up using the printer as we would like, and the saving does not come from an optimization, but from a sacrifice.

With HP Instant Ink it doesn’t matter how much ink you use, only the pages you print

HP Instant Ink service is all you need

This is where the main key of the HP Instant Ink service resides, the one that It will allow us to save up to 70% on ink. When we sign up for this service, we choose a printing plan that includes a specific number of pages that we can print freely. It doesn’t matter if we print all pages in black and white and at low quality or in full color and at high quality, each page costs the same.

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With the HP Instant Ink service we will never have to worry about ink consumption again, since only takes into account the pages that we have printed. Thanks to this, we will be able to reduce the cost of ink by up to 70%, and we will stabilize our printing costs about a small monthly fee.

We have said at the beginning of this article that HP Instant Ink is within the reach of all pockets, and it is, since the available plans are from 0.99 euros to 24.99 euros per month. This means that you can print with professional quality, and with total freedom, from less than one euro per month.

In case you have any doubts, let’s see a concrete example. Imagine that you sign up for the HP Instant Ink service, and that you choose the printing plan that includes 50 pages per month. In your first month you print almost all the pages in black and white, because you had things pending from the university. The next month, you decide to catch up on photos, and you use up your 50 pages to print 50 full-color, high-quality photos. Well, in both months you will have paid the same, 3.99 euros, despite the fact that in the second month you will have spent much more ink. Imagine what that would have cost you if you had bought cartridges.

Uncompromising comfort and sustainability

HP Instant Ink service is all you need

Thanks to the HP Instant Ink service you can save up to 70% on inkand you will be able to enjoy color printing with total freedom, but those are not its only advantages, they will also allow you to completely forget about ink, and they will help you take care of the environment effortlessly, and without compromises.

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When you complete the registration process, the printer starts to control the levels of the ink cartridges, and it does so automatically, without your having to intervene. As soon as it detects that the levels are low, it will place an order for new cartridges early enough. This will prevent you from running out of ink at the worst possible moment, and don’t worry, you will receive your new pack of cartridges at home, and without shipping costs.

No more having to go out and buy ink cartridges again, and you can contribute your grain of sand to caring for the planet in a simple and comfortable way. Just by signing up for HP Instant Ink you are already taking care of the environment, since 85% of Original HP ink cartridges use recycled materialsand in addition all the cartridges that you will receive are of high capacity, which helps to reduce the number of shipments and the consumption of resources.

Thanks to the recycling program included in your plan you can recycle all the cartridges you spend, And you won’t have to make any kind of commitment to be able to enjoy all the advantages offered by the HP Instant Ink service, since you can change plans at any time and stay as long as you want. Do you have any doubt? Well, leave it in the comments and we will help you solve it. You can also find more information by following this link.

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