Do you use Outlook on your PC? Get ready because Microsoft is going to make changes

 Do you use Outlook on your PC?  Get ready because Microsoft is going to make changes
Do You Use Outlook On Your Pc? Get Ready Because

Outlook is, by default, the email manager that Microsoft includes in Windows 10, Although it is a very shortened version that we can always improve thanks to a 365 subscription where the rest of the company’s office applications already enter. That is, Word, Excel, Access, etc. So if you use it regularly, be prepared because curves are coming.

In any case, we cannot expect the changes to be so radical as to imagine that from one day to the next we will be unable to handle it as before, but It is clear that the Redmond want to evolve their client to gradually adapt some functions and ways of organizing the information that, over the years, are imposed. And one of them is that we all use bigger and bigger screens with each passing day.

Redesign for a new user experience

This revolution in Outlook for Windows 10 has two names: Monarch and One Outlook, and according to those who have had access to those previews and have been able to see them, Microsoft seeks to have a mail client perfectly adapted and integrated with the calendar for “big screen experiences”. Something that indicates that more frequently, users make use of monitors with a greater capacity to display more and better information.

Microsoft’s goal is make One Outlook the mail manager instead of the current desktop versions, as well as Web Access or the client itself that macOS users have. That is, practically the entire ecosystem of alternatives that we have when we connect to Outlook from the desktop of a PC, a Mac or the web itself, where many users prefer to check the news in their inbox. Microsoft’s goal, according to the same sources, is to create a “single desktop client” that will be fully based on the web version of Outlook.

Even so, this new version of Outlook has a long way to go to finally reach our computers since, according to some sources from the company itself, this renewal of the email client will not be evident until the end of 2021, when the price view program is launched for registered users who can access these products before anyone else. Then the next step would be to launch gradually as early as 2022, so we can still breathe easy.